Reader: Patrice


45 Stars
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Sign: Sagittarius
Skills: Clairvoyance
Spirit Guides
Readings: 19.177


As seen on TV - Love readings, work, career, family and money are the main feature of my psychic abilities. I encourage people to utilise the chakra's to help bring balance and harmony into the difficulties that life can present us with. I also use my natural clairvoyant, medium and Tarot card reading abilities to give detailed and helpful information to help people move forward from their personal dilemmas and situations.

Psychic history

I was told I was clairvoyant at the age of fifteen. I had left home and school and was travelling through Spain. In Seville I met a real Romany Gypsy family. The grandmother recognised me as 'La Savia' - the one who knows and sees. The family took me in and grandmother taught me how to develop my clairvoyance. When I returned to England, I continued my development as a Tarot reader and medium with The College of Psychic Studies and the British Healing & Psychic Association under some of the great mediums of our times. I have read worldwide for stars and celebrities in the film and music industry.  My psychic readings are renowned for my accuracy, not only in picking up future events, but also in being able to pinpoint your progress into happiness and success. I am also an author and continue to teach people to reach their highest psychic and spiritual potential.

True story

I was working in California and was asked to go and do a psychic reading for a movie star who had booked himself into a 'fat farm' in Santa Barbara. He had lost everything and had been written off. He was very depressed. Looking at him, I could see why everyone had turned their backs on him - but I couldn't see that he was finished even though appearances said differently. During his psychic reading I told him that in the not too distant future he would not be able to pick up a newspaper or magazine without seeing his face in it. This man made a huge comeback against all odds!  I have read for Lauren Bacall when her career was at a standstill, predicting that she would go on and become a star of the theatre. Ms Bacall then appeared in a West End theatre production.