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Suzi S

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Sign: Cancer
Skills: Tarot
Spirit Guides
Readings: 2.712


I start with Tarot cards and work closely with Spirit, this can be either my guides or Spirit around the person I am working with. I am a natural born empath and this means I pick up on people's energy and how they feel and this helps me connect on a more personal level. It is important to me that when the reading is finishefd the person feels empowered and in a better place than when they first picked up the phone. I do sometimes use Oracle cards which are my personal design and they help me connect with Spirit around the person having the reading.

Psychic history

My Great Gran was a Medium and did readings at her kitchen table to earn a bit of extra money. She has always been around me right from an early age and I also work with the moon and one of my main influences is the moon goddess Selene. I started off working with health giving energy and just knowing that certain things were going to happen. Then I took up with Tarot cards and using them as a tool I predicted many things in my life.  Having children halted my professional progress, but my Spiritiual development continued, and I started picking up Spirit around me more and being able to channel messages gave me confidence to get into professional readings.

True story

One of my favourite stories relates to  Spirit coming through. A young girl came to see me and as soon as she walked in there were orbs all around us. I mentioned to her that I worked withg Spirit and sometimes they came in close enought to pass messages on. She responded by telling me it would be her grandad but I said it was more of a female energy. She still insisted it would be her grandad as she had been told this beofre. I said that it was more a female energy. During the reading I had a very strong sensation up my left arm and across my left breast and got the feeling of breast cancer as Spirit usually tell me what they passed with. I gave this information to the girl and she told me that her grandmother had died before she was born and it was of breast cancer.


20-Feb-2018 18:59
Rating: very good! 5 out of 5 stars

Very good as ever Thank you, things seem to be happening as said xx

19-Feb-2018 17:03
Rating: very good! 5 out of 5 stars

Got an answer Very helpful, given me alot to look out for will keep you posted!

19-Feb-2018 14:03
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Excellent Really helpful reading - thank you.

19-Feb-2018 12:51
Rating: very good! 5 out of 5 stars

totally tuned in great chat, she is very aligned with my vision and reconfirmed many questions. Thanks you Luzi xxx

18-Feb-2018 21:59
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Reading Excellent reader. Picked up on my situation very quickly. Will be in touch as to how things go. God bless x

18-Feb-2018 17:39
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Quick reponse I just need to wait for the predictions to come true!

16-Feb-2018 19:19
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wonderful! very helpful advice!

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Amazing thank you Excellent

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Very clear Straight to the point and very nice

12-Feb-2018 17:35
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. Prompt answers and to the point. All very recognizable . made sense and tallied with what other readers have said in the past. thanks!

Psychic skills at a glance


Did you know that even Napoleon had Tarot card readings? Back in 1842 the famous ruler would have the Tarot cards read for him by the Tarot reader Mademoiselle Lenormand, who would frequently give him Tarot readings before he made important decisions. Tarot is one of the oldest tools of divination, originating in Italy in the 14th century. The art of predicting fate from the Tarot cards has survived to modern day. Nowadays there are hundreds of different Tarot card decks to choose from that can be used for all imaginable purposes and subjects. There are usually 78 Tarot cards in a Tarot card deck, which is separated into two parts: the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. Tarot readers will usually lay the Tarot cards out in a "spread" to respond to your questions about relationships, finance, work etc. They then "interpret" the energies of the cards and explain how these affect you. Tarot readings are excellent for general readings and specific questions. A Tarot reading will show you the path you’re you on and can make you feel free. If you would like to try out a Tarot reading, then you can prepare yourself for it so that you get the most out of your Tarot reading. Ideally you should write down your questions that you would like to ask the Tarot before your Tarot reading. Do you have a yes/no question or a question about a decision? Or would you prefer the aid of the Tarot cards to give you more of a general overview on your current situation? Perhaps you have a question concerning your relationship or your career? Remember to think about what kind of information you would like the person who is reading the Tarot cards to convey to you. If you wish for the Tarot to also give you time specifications then tell this to your Tarot card reader. The more prepared you are for your Tarot reading, the more exact the answers will be. Take the wonderful opportunity to have a Tarot reading and let the past be explained, the present identified and the future prophesised. And finally a good tip: don't ask the Tarot cards the same question or topic too often — after all you wouldn't constantly ask a good friend the same question. Use the Tarot cards with respect and you will receive the answers that can really bring you further in life!


During an Angel reading the reader will try to make spiritual contact with your guardian angel. They will pass on any concerns you may have to your guardian angels and act as a kind of interpreter between you and your angel, passing back to you the answer to your questions.


The word ‘clairvoyant’ means ‘spirit-seeing’ (‘clair’ = spirit, ‘voyant’ = to see). A clairvoyant reader is able to receive information about someone by psychic ability, without cards or any other tool. The reader may see ‘guides’ or people from spirit and will mostly just sense or know information about you and your life. Clairvoyance has been around for centuries as the desire to gain psychic insight into other dimensions and to experience things that we would otherwise not be able to with our usual five senses. There were people in nearly every culture who were particularly sensitive and receptive in a spiritual sense. It was said that these people possessed special interpretative skills. One famous example is the oracle at Delphi, where the psychic priestess Pythia was able to relay prophecies about the future, while in a state of trance. Some clairvoyants have had the psychic gift of clairvoyance since their birth and can access this secret psychic knowledge without the help of other means such as the Tarot. This psychic intuition can sometimes manifest itself pictorially or on a spiritual level but a clairvoyant is different to a medium, who contacts the spirits of people who have passed. There are many resources that can facilitate clairvoyance such as the crystal ball, a pendulum, dream analysis or palmistry. Psychic clairvoyants may also know white magic or the well-know ancient Chinese system of I Ching, which predicts future events and our life's journey. Fortune telling is the ability to see into the future or to predict certain events in the future, whereas a clairvoyant can see things that are otherwise hidden to others. Clairvoyants are also able to use their psychic ability to find misplaced objects or missing persons. You can use clairvoyance when you need information, which you otherwise wouldn't be able to get, or if you want to know how to solve a complicated or difficult situation, like you would use the Tarot. You can confide in a clairvoyant and really open up to them, and a clairvoyant reading is excellent for general readings as well as those on specific areas or questions. You will always get an immediate and clear answer from a clairvoyant. You don’t need to reveal your date of birth or provide any other personal details. Clairvoyance is an ideal opportunity to quickly get the answers you seek, especially when it comes to questions regarding the future.

Love & Relationships

Love and relationship readers are experienced in dealing with matters concerning our personal relationships. They can guide us through difficult situations involving not just the relationships we have with our partners, but also matters involving our friends and family.


Spirituality readers deal with matters of the spirit, matters of our nature and purpose beyond the material world, senses and time.

Spirit Guides

All of us have one or more Spirit Guides who watch over us and are able to help or ‘guide’ us through our lives so we have the opportunity to learn what we are here to learn. Our Guides do not force us nor are they with us watching every move we make and hearing every thing we say. Most of us are not aware of their presence and what they are wanting to tell us. Readers can tune into your Guides and often tell you a little about who they are and why they are with you. Using their clairvoyant skills they can pick up on information to pass on to you. Readers will tell you whatever information they are given and you can also ask any questions you may have. Our Spirit Guides come in all shapes and sizes and they are definitely not all Egyptian Priests or Native American Indian chiefs. Sometimes they can be children, animals or a relative who have passed over.


A person who is psychic has the ability to perceive things hidden from the senses through means of extra-sensory perception. Some people believe that psychic powers can be heightened by the study and practice of various disciplines such as meditation.