Reader: Tricia


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Sign: Virgo
Skills: Clairvoyance
Family & Home
Readings: 2.566


I work using natural Clairvoyant skills which I have had since I was a very young child. To establish a strong link I ask my clients to relax, close their eyes and visualise the colour purple. I then shuffle the cards, lay them out and the cards give me a strong understanding of what I need to focus on. My clients can expect to gain clarity to a variety of situations in their lives including romantic, family and Spiritual matters. I work closely with my Spirit guides and also the Angels to establish a wonderful link between us. My aim is to give strong clarity and a high level of honesty to all those that cross my path. Clients should gain a renewed sense of hope and understanding in their lives.

Psychic history

I have worked as a professional Clairvoyant since young adulthood. I studied in 2002 and it was that year that I gained an honours rating which I achieved by reading for one of the leading Clairvoyants in the West Country.I went on to work at numerous Psychic fayres around Cornwall and have built up a strong client base, turning fully professional in 2002. I am  also an experienced Angel card reader and I work with a variety of Tarot and Angel decks. I am able to tune into people to connect with loved ones who have sadly departed. Mediumship is to me, as natural as is the Tarot. I have also run many courses to teach Tarot to others.

True story

I was in Sri Lanka just before Christmas 2004 and for several days before I was due to leave I kept gaining a sense that 'the water was coming in'. I told my daughter and a few close friends that I was nervous about being so close to the beach. I went out onto the balcony of our hotel which faced the sea and tuned in and was shown a large wave. I didn't want to alarm anyone so I kept quiet but my anxiety grew to such a point that I kept looking back at the sea whenever my back was turned away from it. When we finally left Sri Lanka on 18th December the relief I felt as the aeroplane wheels left the ground was so intense. Just eight days later the infamous Boxing Day Tsunami struck Sri Lanka and completely wiped out our hotel.


24-Feb-2018 18:19
Rating: very good! 5 out of 5 stars

so lovely shes so lovely and so reassuring and really non-judgemental... feels like I can tell her anything and shell understand! Thank you xx oh she also tunes in really quickly and gets the gist of things really quickly! xx

24-Feb-2018 11:52
Rating: very good! 5 out of 5 stars


23-Feb-2018 20:16
Rating: very good! 5 out of 5 stars

Fast delivery of information Wow that's amazing so much information came at me. No wasting time and pick up so much that is going on now and the past. Predictions given, so hopefully all will come to true. Thank you for pushing me in a new direction.

23-Feb-2018 19:31
Rating: very good! 5 out of 5 stars

Great reading Excellent

23-Feb-2018 16:06
Rating: very good! 5 out of 5 stars

Excellent As always. Tricia has a true gift.

20-Feb-2018 12:03
Rating: good! 4 out of 5 stars

guidance its a little bit superficial form the point of view in the career some point was true its ws in recruitment, property and the london based business and the west coast part im actually peculiar about it if it will really happen me going in states which i felt like it would have been australia hehe. but overall she predicted about my boyfriend well. thanks tricia

20-Feb-2018 11:37
Rating: very good! 5 out of 5 stars

Thank you Had a wonderful chat reading with Tricia. Picked up on many of my situations and provided me with honest insight and clarity. Her gift/skill is quite remarkable really. Gave me lots of reassurance and guidance. Would definitely recommend and return. Thank you x

18-Feb-2018 13:44
Rating: good! 4 out of 5 stars

will upgrade to 5 is S comes in... Reading a little different from others so not too sure right now. Really difficult to say - not been in this position before. could be really goo - just not sure...

18-Feb-2018 12:15
Rating: very good! 5 out of 5 stars

Amazing Amazing

15-Feb-2018 12:35
Rating: very good! 5 out of 5 stars

Excellent Very accurate

Psychic skills at a glance


The word ‘clairvoyant’ means ‘spirit-seeing’ (‘clair’ = spirit, ‘voyant’ = to see). A clairvoyant reader is able to receive information about someone by psychic ability, without cards or any other tool. The reader may see ‘guides’ or people from spirit and will mostly just sense or know information about you and your life. Clairvoyance has been around for centuries as the desire to gain psychic insight into other dimensions and to experience things that we would otherwise not be able to with our usual five senses. There were people in nearly every culture who were particularly sensitive and receptive in a spiritual sense. It was said that these people possessed special interpretative skills. One famous example is the oracle at Delphi, where the psychic priestess Pythia was able to relay prophecies about the future, while in a state of trance. Some clairvoyants have had the psychic gift of clairvoyance since their birth and can access this secret psychic knowledge without the help of other means such as the Tarot. This psychic intuition can sometimes manifest itself pictorially or on a spiritual level but a clairvoyant is different to a medium, who contacts the spirits of people who have passed. There are many resources that can facilitate clairvoyance such as the crystal ball, a pendulum, dream analysis or palmistry. Psychic clairvoyants may also know white magic or the well-know ancient Chinese system of I Ching, which predicts future events and our life's journey. Fortune telling is the ability to see into the future or to predict certain events in the future, whereas a clairvoyant can see things that are otherwise hidden to others. Clairvoyants are also able to use their psychic ability to find misplaced objects or missing persons. You can use clairvoyance when you need information, which you otherwise wouldn't be able to get, or if you want to know how to solve a complicated or difficult situation, like you would use the Tarot. You can confide in a clairvoyant and really open up to them, and a clairvoyant reading is excellent for general readings as well as those on specific areas or questions. You will always get an immediate and clear answer from a clairvoyant. You don’t need to reveal your date of birth or provide any other personal details. Clairvoyance is an ideal opportunity to quickly get the answers you seek, especially when it comes to questions regarding the future.

Love & Relationships

Love and relationship readers are experienced in dealing with matters concerning our personal relationships. They can guide us through difficult situations involving not just the relationships we have with our partners, but also matters involving our friends and family.


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