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Your significant relationship is under the spotlight this month, as you both deal with upheavals at home, and the surprising changes you are currently experiencing. The Full Moon in your sign on the 12th, shows how much you're being urged by transformative Pluto, to allow your inner self to be reborn. And new birth is always painful, but the rewards can be worth it. Jupiter, our planet of opportunity and luck, is now retrograde in Aries, and makes a lovely link to Venus in Leo on the 18th. Could you be receiving the news you've been waiting for from your other half? If you're single and looking, you may not have to go far from home, as love could be literally around the corner. And Mars brings you opportunities for fun, exciting opportunities, and maybe some excitement in your romantic life, when things could get quite raunchy for some lucky Water Bearers. This active energy is here for several months, so pace yourself! And don't forget, the universe always has your back.
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