Tanzanite Meaning and Properties

As a semiprecious stone, tanzanite is perhaps one of the most unique and important. First discovered in 1967, this blue-violet gemstone is actually a variety of the mineral zoisite. However, before Tiffany & Company made it available to the world, executives named it tanzanite in honour of the only place it’s mined, Tanzania.


Today, as well as shaping much of the jeweller’s house designs in the sixties, tanzanite has become a fashion accessory and a force within the world of crystal healing. In fact, unlike any other spiritual crystal, tanzanite stone properties straddle two worlds.


In one instance, its ability to display different colours at different angles has made tanzanite a hit with fashionistas. In the other, tanzanite stone has the power to open the brow chakra, promote calmness and help people overcome commutation barriers



Tanzanite Meaning: Breaking Down the Colourful Beauty of Tanzanite Stone

Tanzanite spiritual meaning might only be one side to this stone’s personality, but it’s an important one. While jewellery lovers adore tanzanite for its unique look and texture, spiritualists see it as one of the best ways to not only heal the mind but set it free.


Indeed, when you look at tanzanite meaning in the context of the higher self, this gemstone’s pleochroic properties reflect the complexity of human nature. In other words, the way this stone’s colours change depending on your perspective reflects the multifaceted nature of the mind, body and spirit.


When you take these tanzanite stone properties and apply them to the healing process, it’s easy to see why it’s classed among the most powerful crystals out there. As we all know, there is no one single way to achieve inner peace and no one stone that can solve all of your problems. This is one of the main reasons tanzanite is perfect for novices. Because it’s seen as a way to tackle a variety of issues, those starting out on the path to enlightenment can ease themselves into the practice with tanzanite.  

Understanding the Healing Properties of Tanzanite

Although one of the main tanzanite stone properties is its pleochroic (i.e. it displays multiple colours) nature, the crystal is, first and foremost, blue. In terms of colour psychology, blue is linked to nature and emotions such as relaxation, strength and trust. These qualities are important as they feed into the main healing property of tanzanite: acceptance. Only by finding balance and self-acceptance can the healing process really begin.


What’s more, tanzanite stone also helps to open up the third eye. By opening up the mind and finding inner peace, a number of possibilities become available to the user. Indeed, this is one of the many reasons people use tanzanite during meditation. By opening the mind and channelling spiritual energy, this gemstone can increase focus and accelerate the healing process.


Put simply, when you look at tanzanite meaning as a whole, there are many ways to use this gemstone. Whether your problems are mental, emotional, spiritual or physical, tanzanite has the potential to help.

Alternative Uses for Tanzanite Gemstone

Aside from wearing tanzanite heart stones to help promote self-healing, this crystal is also used by those interested in psychic phenomena. As a novice looking to explore this realm, there are a few things you can do.


Learning how to remember your dreams by using techniques such as affirming that you’re a dreamer and noting down your post-sleep thoughts is great. By doing this, you can tap into your subconscious and start to connect with thoughts and feelings outside of the physical world. Beyond that, those who have strong feelings of empathy can awaken their spiritual energy by acknowledging their ability. Once they’ve done that, it’s possible to work with a guide and nurture these skills to the point where you use your psychic skills on others.


In tandem with these techniques, tanzanite can help boost the psychic mind. As we’ve said, this stone opens up the brow chakra and makes you more receptive to new ideas, thoughts and feelings. However, what’s great about tanzanite is that it does it in a gradual way. Instead of plunging into a new world that may feel overwhelming, the stone opens up the third eye in stages. This allows you to control how far to go. Indeed, what many novices do is to take things in stages. By opening up the brow chakra bit by bit, you can ease yourself into the psychic side of life and become comfortable with accepting messages from the spirit world.


To use tanzanite as a psychic device, place a stone over the centre of the brow. Moving in a clockwise direction will open up the chakra, while anti-clockwise will close it. Repeat this process in stages over the course of a day or a few days until you’re comfortable. Once your body and mind are conditioned to accept new energy, opening up the third eye with tanzanite will not only be easy but feel extremely natural.

Tanzanite: The Versatile Stone Everyone Can Use

Overall, tanzanite is a hugely powerful gemstone. As well as its status in the jewellery industry, this crystal has the power to open up the body and mind in a variety of ways. Regardless of whether you’re a novice healer or someone that’s truly in touch with their spirit, tanzanite has the power to balance and heal. For these reasons, you should strongly consider adding this stone to your collection.


Published: 10 April 2019



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