How Does a Spiritual Medium Work?

How Does a Spiritual Medium Work?

Spiritual medium

A Spiritual Medium can be born with the ability to communicate with spirits or chose to open up, or enhance their skills, perhaps by sitting in a development circle or taking a mediumship course.

A Medium is the interpreter that spirits talk through. Mediumship is a process of communication between a Medium (a physical body) on the earth plane and a discarnate (an entity without a physical body). A Medium is said to be sensitive to vibrations from the spirit world, enabling them to communicate with discarnate entities - including angels and guides.

There are two types of Mediumship: Physical and Mental.

Physical Mediumship isn’t as popular these days and involves raps (i.e. one rap for no, two for yes), materializations (faces, hands or sometimes even the whole body of the spirit), levitations, direct voices, ectoplasm (milky white clotted substance emitted by the Medium) or apports (objects moving).

Mental Mediumship happens within the Mediums consciousness and is what most of us are most familiar with today. The three most popular types of Mental Mediumship are:

Clairvoyance (clear seeing) - The Medium sees images, people, or animals which could have a real or a symbolic meaning in relation to the spirit's life.

Clairsentience (clear feeling) - The Medium senses the presence of a spirit, feels the touch, recognises a scent or fragrance, senses the personality of the deceased.

Clairaudience (clear hearing) - Spirit voices can be heard by the Medium.



Mediums can bring messages from your loved ones (humans and beloved pets) who have passed over and also offer evidence that there is life after death. If there is a specific person who you would like to connect with, via a medium, that is often possible but even if a particular spirit is not ready to come through a medium should be able to give you information that will be of comfort because there will almost certainly be a spirit connected to the medium who will be able to give the evidence you need for reassurance. 

Mediumship readings can bring great joy and relief into your life and let you know that someone who is no longer here is still with you - just in a different way.

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