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Empathy can work wonders for you! I am a gifted Clairvoyant and Medium with a wonderful compassionate nature. I will inspire you on your journey.
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I read with empathy but I am also very down to earth


Love & Relationships, Family & Home


Medium, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Spirit Guides, Dreams


Tarot, Crystals


My Mum bought me my first pack of tarot at the age of 7 and I've been reading for over 30 years


Sewing and crafts

My Mantra:

There is no such thing as a problem, only opportunity





2.771 Testimonials

4,5 Average rating


Chat advice session rating - Circl*****9581 - 28/11/2021 1:45 PM

Thank you for the most wonderful reading. So accurate and with validations. The connection and contact was truly amazing.


Chat advice session rating - lo**s - 28/11/2021 1:31 AM

Really excellent


Chat advice session rating - Circl*****8581 - 26/11/2021 11:34 AM

I had a very accurate reading, she is very intuitive and quick to pick up. Thank you.

Very impressed.

Chat advice session rating - Circl*****2681 - 23/11/2021 7:44 PM

First reading with you, thank you!! Said exactly the same as another reader ❤️ And it was what I wanted to hear Xxx


Chat advice session rating - Circl*****4782 - 22/11/2021 9:00 PM

Straightforward and great advice

Lianne is a Star!...actually, a 6-Star!

Chat advice session rating - Circl*****5881 - 20/11/2021 11:27 PM

Lianne is so warm, friendly and down-to-earth you feel it from the first "Hello!" And in that second, she gets a sense of who you are and zeros right in on your issue and describes it exactly. She's very honest and tells it like it is..and with her sense of the situation, she has wisdom and advice specific to you and your problem, so no matter how you felt when you came to her, you'll leave feeling so much better. It's a rare gift..and Lianne has it. Let her share it with you!


Reader skills

  • Clairvoyance
  • Medium
  • Love & Relationships
  • Clairaudient
  • Spirit Guides
  • Crystals
  • Dreams
  • Family & Home