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Miaa M

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I can assist you with my Clairvoyant and Angel oracle card abilities. Call me as I will connect you to the Angel realm and give you direction and clarity.
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Virgo Star sign 

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A note from me

I hope to be back online to catch up with you all in early November, speak soon.



Compassionate and empowering


Love & Relationships, Family & Home, Spirituality


Clairvoyant, Clairsentient


Tarot, Angels, Psychometry


I have been reading professionally for 18 years.  My intuitive abilities came through stronger in my late teens.


I love yoga, writing and am wanting to publish my second novel.

My Mantra:

My intuition is my biggest asset.

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76 Testimonials

4,7 Average rating

Thank you

Telephone advice session rating - Circl*****3581 - 27/12/2020 10:20 AM

Excellent reading with Miaa, tuned in so perfectly to my situation and gave so much valuable information. Great reader indeed.

Wow fabulous reading!!!

Telephone advice session rating - Circl*****4081 - 16/12/2020 1:24 AM

I felt confused and unsure of my future before I called, I now know the path I have chosen is the right one to my happiness!! Very accurate readings and picked up on so many things that only I knew about!!! Thank you xxxxx

1st Class

Telephone advice session rating - Circl*****1481 - 02/12/2020 12:57 AM

I had my first reading with Miaa, and she was spot on at identifying the person concerned. I have confused about their behaviour, but Miaa saw it straight away and gave me feedback that no-one would have known. I would really recommend having a reading.


Telephone advice session rating - Circl*****4881 - 28/05/2020 12:31 PM

Miaa is lovely and amazing reader. She is intelligent and well-spoken. Trust her to make you feel good and give you many predictions for your future.

Kind and honest

Telephone advice session rating - Circl*****4282 - 07/05/2020 2:35 AM

Wonderful reading.. hit the nail on the head about my relationship and where I’m going in life. Recommend.

I love her

Telephone advice session rating - Circl*****5281 - 30/04/2020 2:34 AM

She hit everything right on the head i held back just to see if she would be able to get a great reading and she did just that made my night and now I have more hope for new things in life

Very all rounded reading

Telephone advice session rating - Car***eY - 27/02/2020 11:18 PM

I had a very precise and all round reading. With great advice and guidance. Very clear and concise.

Great reader..

Telephone advice session rating - al**3 - 03/02/2013 1:13 PM

Short sweet and insightful..!

Very good

Telephone advice session rating - li**d - 17/01/2013 1:19 AM

Quick connection and confirmed much of what is going on.

Thank you

Telephone advice session rating - na**j - 16/01/2013 2:17 AM

Thank you for a great reading. You put my mind and ease by telling me I was on the right path. I look forward to your predictions coming true :-)


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  • Angels
  • Clairvoyance
  • Love & Relationships
  • Spirituality
  • Clairsentient
  • Family & Home