Angel Card Readings

It is thought that Angels are divine messengers from God and they assist us with their encouragement, guidance and healing. Communicating with the Angels opens up a door for them to help us, giving them our permission to support us from their angelic realms. During an angel reading, the Reader will try to make spiritual contact with your guardian angel, sometimes with the help of angel cards. Find out more...


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Reader: Rhian T

Rhian T
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Have a warm and relaxing reading to provide comfort, insight and reassurance. Working with Guides and Angels I read cards and can offer clarity on your path. read more

Reader: Almas B

Almas B
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Are you worried about family issues and partner compatibility? Working with my Spirit Guides, Tarot and Pendulum on Chat I will give you an honest reading. read more

Reader: Natasha

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Have a relaxed and uplifting Psychic Reading that gets straight to the heart of the matter. Leave feeling confident and empowered, with clarity and vision. read more

Reader: Ariel D

Ariel D
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As a natural born Psychic Medium, I am able to connect with your Spirit Guides, Loved Ones and Pets in the Spirit World and bring answers to your questions. read more

Reader: Tracey

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You have choices and the Clairvoyance of my Romany Ancestors can reveal them. I have the ability to look into your past, present and future and empower you. read more

Reader: Molly

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Has your love life suddenly changed making you question your future? I can help you understand and find peace to be able to move forwards. read more

Reader: Angelina

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Knowledge is power! Give me your date of birth and I can act as a signpost to your future. I am a gifted psychic offering you warmth, clarity and peace. read more

Reader: Paula B

Paula B
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I am a very honest Reader with over 25 years’ experience. My natural ability can help guide you through to all the answers you require. read more

Reader: Aurielle

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Angels love to guide uplift and inspire - being Clairvoyant, Clairsentient and Clairaudient I commune with Angels to help me shine a light on your situation. read more

Reader: Jo A

Jo A
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I have strong instincts about energies and my aim is to guide you to be able to make your own decisions on dilemmas regarding work and matters of the heart. read more

Reader: Dale H

Dale H
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As a natural Clairvoyant I provide specialised readings in career moves and love and relationships. My Psychic readings will leave you inspired. read more

Reader: Helen W

Helen W
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Feel empowered! Is your relationship causing you worry? I work with the angelic realm and spirit guides using Angel cards, channeling and your aura. read more

Reader: Marie J

Marie J
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Working only on Chat, I will guide you through love, relationships, home and work issues using Tarot, Runes and Clairvoyance to shine a light on your situation. read more

Reader: Deborah B

Deborah B
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Do you have a burning question? I can help you to find some answers, make a plan, calm your mind, become empowered and achieve your potential. read more

Reader: Suzi S

Suzi S
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Do you feel lost and need some guidance in your life? I work with Tarot and Spirit Guides to help empower you to take charge and bring solutions to your problem read more

Reader: Soul Authentic

Soul Authentic
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There is always a divine construction behind everything that you are going through. So do not worry, it's all working out in your favour! read more

Reader: Stella

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I specialise in Love and Relationship readings. I link into you and your partner through your dates of birth to tell you how your partner feels about you. read more

Reader: Elona W

Elona W
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Do you feel stuck in any of the following areas: Relationships, Career, Spirituality, Home and Family? I can help guide you through the maze we call life. read more

Reader: Laelia

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If you are at a crossroads or feel it is time for a transition in your love life, career or family environment, I am here to support and guide you. read more

Reader: Pippa Jo

Pippa Jo
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Let my guides, angels and myself look into any or all areas of personal, home, career, love, future and the key to your way forward. read more

Angel Card Readings 

Online Angel readings or a free Angel card reading is a way of learning about the Angels so that you can understand their powers and what they can influence. Angels are always waiting to step in and help us, but they require our permission before they can give their assistance. We all have a Guardian Angel and Ancient Greek philosophy implies that our Guardian Angel is assigned to watch over us for our entire lifetime on Earth, sent to protect us and guide us.


Clairvoyant and Angel expert Doreen Virtue claims that Angels are trustworthy pure beings of Divine light. They are messengers of God, carrying messages between God and humans. Doreen says that Angels carry prayers to God and love us unconditionally, no matter who we are. They do not judge us and their purpose is to bring love to us during our lifetime. Doreen Virtue is well-known and respected, indeed she could be seen as an Earth Angel, a heavenly being on Earth that is here to raise awareness and encourage others to connect with the Angels. She says that people who communicate regularly with their Angels have seen a remarkable improvement in their life. Their prayers are heard and their dreams and wishes for their highest good can come true. People who connect with their Angels maintain that they feel happier in life, that they have more confidence and less fear about the unknown.


Online Psychic readings that use the Angel cards are known as Angel card readings . These readings are carried out in a compassionate and loving way, giving clear guidance and insight. Angel Readers act as a messenger from the Angels , interpreting the Angel cards so that you can receive Angelic help and support on any specific area of your life. Each Angel card has Angel messages which will relate directly to your reading. An Angel guidance reading is a similar experience to a Tarot card reading in that the guidance being given is being directly channelled by the Angel Reader and their gifts of connection. When you experience an Angel card reading, there is a sense of relief, peace of mind and calmness. The Angels send healing to you during your Angel reading, alleviating any fears or worries and improving your confidence.


Archangels are the highest ranking Angels. Depending on the faith and the source, there are believed to be several Archangels but only Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel are mentioned in the Bible. Read about some of the Archangels below and how they can benefit your life. Ask the Angels to support and guide you:

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL – Known as ‘The Warrior Angel’. He is the protector, carrying a shield of white light to guard and defend you. He is the life coach with a mighty sword to help cut or release negative or emotional ties with people and places that no longer serve you. He assists those who are facing challenges through emotional and difficult times such as relationships and keeps you safe and secure. Invoke Archangel Michael to bring strength, unconditional love, and protection of people and places with negative energy.

ARCHANGEL GABRIEL – His name translates as ‘God is my strength’. He is thought of as the most powerful and strongest Angel and works closely with human beings, making him the patron saint of communication workers. Invoke Archangel Gabriel to support you with his protection and strength, helping you to communicate with children, parents, family and friends. Children are important to him, so he will be supportive to parents, teachers and counsellors. Archangel Gabriel encourages your passion and inspires you to follow your dreams.

ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL – Believed to be the Angel of healing with his name translating as ‘Medicine Doctor’. Archangel Raphael oversees healers that heal physical and emotional pain. He supports doctors, surgeons, nurses, counsellors and spiritual healers, giving them guidance for their work and knowledge to scientists to help them find cures. Invoke Archangel Raphael to bring healing to you if you are going through a difficult time in relationships. He heals hearts and helps you to find solutions.

ARCHANGEL URIEL – Archangel Uriel is the protector of humankind. He enlightens us with his knowledge and assists us in written studies, business meetings and examination tests. Call upon Archangel Uriel if you need confidence and support in these areas. It is said that he whispers answers in your ear if you need to find a solution in business or answers while studying.

ARCHANGEL ARIEL – Archangel Ariel is believed to be the healing Angel for nature, animals, birds and fish. Her mission is to make sure that humans treat animals kindly and that there is sufficient food and water in natural environments. Invoking Archangel Ariel while you are amongst nature will ensure that she protects you, helping you to navigate or find shelter safely.

ARCHANGEL RAZIEL – Archangel Raziel is the Angel of Wisdom. He encourages us to recollect all of the past lessons we have learned (this life and past life) to bring us wisdom in making decisions for this life. He helps us to face and heal painful memories or experiences, especially if they will affect us in our future. Invoke Archangel Raziel to heal past hurts, to not repeat mistakes and to have confidence in moving forward.

ARCHANGEL JOPHIEL – Archangel Jophiel is the Angel of Beauty and is a feminine Angel. She aims to bring beauty to your life and helps you to see things in a more positive light. Archangel Jophiel reminds us to appreciate and be grateful and encourages us to see the beauty in ourselves and each other. Invoke Archangel Jophiel to change a negative attitude in to a positive outlook.


Everyone can ask the Angels or their Guardian Angels to help them. Angels are always close by and waiting to help us, we just need to give them permission. To invoke the Angels and ask them for help is very simple. Decide which Angel will be the most helpful for your situation and if you need to give them a timeframe for your prayer then make sure you include it and keep it realistic. Always start the prayer with ‘please’ and always end it with ‘thank you’. Example: ‘Dear Archangel Raphael, please send me healing for the breakup of my relationship. Please heal my heart and support me in new beginnings so that I can move forward with confidence. Please help me to feel better within a few weeks. Thank you for helping me’.



When you invoke the Angels, you invite them to give guidance and support to you . Angels will leave signs to show that they are around you, helping you. Common Angel signs are feathers, often left on the pathway in front of you, or appearing out of nowhere in your house. When you see an Angel feather, assume that it is meant for you – pick it up and keep it. Other signs are things such as seeing angelic names (Michael, Gabriel, Ariel) or seeing the word ‘Angel’ written somewhere, hearing a song that mentions Angels, or seeing Angel-shaped objects. The Angels want you to know that they have heard your prayer, that they are close by and supporting you.


An Angel reading gives you a direct connection with the Angels. When an Angel Reader begins a reading, they call upon the Angels to bring guidance and insight . An Angel card reading can bring you clarification when you are going through a difficult time and you will receive clear messages of reassuring support, giving you peace of mind. You can ask the Angels to give you direction on any area of your life, whether it’s a relationship, new love, future love, your work and career, or your home and family. Each Angel card differs especially to oracle cards, in that they have very clear Angel messages such as; Clairvoyance, Passion, Leadership, Spread Your Wings and Remember Who You Are. Angel guidance is purposefully obvious so that Angel messages are passed on without any doubt from the Reader. People generally find great comfort in Angel readings, helping them to see a clearer picture, to learn how to help themselves and to know that they have the support and unconditional love from the Angels.


Angel readings are usually given by someone who has a psychic ability because they have been drawn to them spiritually. Online psychic readings are different to online Angel readings in that a Psychic will use their natural intuition and Clairvoyance to read for you. An Angel reading has the added benefit of connecting with the Angels and receiving messages and guidance through the Angelic Realm and possibly though Angel cards too. You can have a free Angel card reading online which can be a fun way of learning about the Angels but this is generally not believed to be a genuine connection with the Angels. Although Angel cards have fairly obvious meanings, an Angel card Reader will enhance the reading using their Psychic ability, and give you more detail and insight.


TheCircle Angel Readers have many years of experience connecting and communicating with the Angels. They often work closely with the Angels during readings and have strong connections with the Angelic Realm enabling them to give you further insight. Angel Readers at TheCircle work ethically and spiritually, ensuring that the angelic beings of light are not only working with you during your reading, but continue to give healing and support to you afterwards. Angel readings are a wonderful way to connect to your spiritual path, to understand more about yourself and others around you and to experience life at its best, creating firmer foundations for your future.

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