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Reader: Lianne

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Empathy can work wonders for you! I am a gifted Clairvoyant and Medium with a wonderful compassionate nature. I will inspire you on your journey. read more

Reader: Fran S

Fran S
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Which ever area of your life is getting you down or confusing you, I can and will guide you through the chaos. read more

Reader: Laiba R

Laiba R
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Are you feeling low and worried about career, love life or family concerns? Working only on Chat I will use my natural abilities to guide you on your path. read more

Reader: Almas B

Almas B
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Are you worried about family issues and partner compatibility? Working with my Spirit Guides, Tarot and Pendulum on Chat I will give you an honest reading. read more

Reader: Aurelia

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As an empath I have a natural approach that allows clarity as well as interpreting the deeper meaning and shifting to the next level and plan of your life. read more