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At TheCircle, we strive to make our communications community as lively, stimulating and useful as possible for all members.

In return, we expect you as a member to observe and comply with the following rules. At the same time, TheCircle reserves the right to punish infringements of the rules by removing your service. The same applies to infringements of the General Terms and Conditions.

1. Do not use any inappropriate member name or service description
TheCircle does not allow any obscene, insulting, defamatory, tasteless, discriminatory or abusive language in the member name in the service text or on the home page.

2. Do not draw up a frivolous profile
TheCircle welcomes its members offering services in all categories relating to their specialist field. As we want to make it as easy as possible for our members to find contacts with the same areas of interest TheCircle forbids:

•   frivolous profiles of any kind
•   profiles with content that is irrelevant to the particular category.

3. Avoid content that is not suitable for minors
TheCircle is constantly striving to protect its members from offensive content. Therefore, profiles and content that are not suitable for minors must not appear on TheCircle. In particular, we prohibit the offering of telephone sex and similar services.

4. Avoid false or incorrect descriptions
Users of the TheCircle community are solely responsible for a faithful, helpful and complete representation of their qualities, interests, skills, qualifications and other information in their profiles or home page.

5. Avoid insults and abuse.
TheCircle welcomes all members equally - irrespective of race, religion, sex, nationality, sexual orientation and ideology. Under no circumstances do we tolerate the discrimination, defamation, harassment or insulting of individual members on the grounds mentioned above.

6. Avoid harassing other members.
As a TheCircle member you should respect other members' privacy. Therefore, avoid harassment through unwelcome calls or emails.

7. Avoid misusing TheCircle Mail
TheCircle explicitly promotes communication by its members. However, the sending of "junk mail", "chain letters" or other unsolicited circulars by email in the TheCircle Mail system is not permitted.

8. Avoid misusing the rating system
By rating a member, other TheCircle members are informing the network of their experiences with the reader and the quality of his or her advice. In relation to this, TheCircle members are forbidden from using a different/false member name or pretending to be a third party/fictitious person

•  to give a good opinion of themselves
•  to give a negative and false opinion of another user
•  to give a negative opinion of a member because a service that was not given in the member's profile would not be provided.

TheCircle reserves the right not to publish comments.

9. Stop illegal actions
All TheCircle members are forbidden from taking part in fraudulent or illegal actions on the TheCircle Web pages or from promoting such.

10. Respect the intellectual property/copyright of other members
If you feel that your copyright has been infringed in some way through other TheCircle pages, please let us know immediately. To send a message to this effect, please click here.

11. Meet your tax obligations
Reader's incomes are subject to the general tax liability. If you are liable to sales tax or VAT, you must pay this to your tax office. Please discuss your tax liability with your tax adviser. TheCircle must make reader's statements of account available to the relevant tax offices when requested to do so by the tax authorities.

12. Readers may not put pressure on customers
Readers must not in any way oblige or urge customers to call repeatedly or do other things that only serve the economic interests of the reader.

13. Calls should be conducted with concentration and efficiency
Readers must devote themselves exclusively to the customer during the call. The reader must ensure that he or she is not disturbed during the call. The reader must not drag the call out unnecessarily.

14. No secondary agreements can be concluded
The reader is not allowed to conclude agreements with the customer that are carried out outside of the TheCircle platform. Furthermore, the reader may not promote other products and services.

15. No advice outside your own area of expertise
If the call should lead to an area in which the reader is not competent, he/she must end the consultation and point out other advice resources and/or readers.

16. No advice on magic and relationship healing
Advice on the subjects of magic and relationship healing is banned on TheCircle.

17. Behaviour in human emergencies
If the reader learns during the call that there is an acute danger to life for the customer, the reader must provide immediate help and inform the relevant public authorities. Furthermore, we advise every reader to pass on helpline numbers to customers where applicable. National emergency and helpline numbers can be found under helpline numbers or can be requested through our reader hotline.

18. Informing TheCircle when misuse is suspected
If the expert receives information that indicates misuse of the TheCircle service, he or she must to inform TheCircle by e-mail at contact@thecircle.com or through the expert hotline.

19. Intensive use of the service
Please monitor your financial commitment. The use of TheCircle's service is subject to a charge, and uncontrolled use can lead to high financial burdens. TheCircle offers to set up for its customers a monthly usage limit or only make telephone calls against prepayment.

20. No natural healing
Activities that are subject to the law governing practitioners of natural healing may not be offered. In particular, any diagnosis, curing or alleviation of illnesses, complaints or injuries to the body is forbidden.

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Data protection at TheCircle

If you simply want to browse through the TheCircle webpages, you do not need to register on the TheCircle community. Registration becomes necessary when you want to communicate with other members by telephone or TheCircle Mail. We store the data you entered as a member of TheCircle - i.e. your name, telephone number and email address.

We will automatically inform you in the future of any news, changes or useful tips on use via your email address. If you do not want to receive these messages, you can note this on the registration page when you register. If you only want to receive certain messages by email, you can select this on the page containing your personal data. To redirect your messages, simply send your email address together with your member name to contact@thecircle.com.

On registering, every member is asked to choose a username. This username serves as identification and stays with the member during all activities in the TheCircle community. Therefore, anyone who chooses their real name as their member name should bear in mind that it appears on relevant lists and thus puts other members in a position to discover that person's identity.

For payment, TheCircle needs details of your credit card or current account (bank, card number, etc.) We use this data for debiting the amounts you spend on the telephone.

We reserve the right to obtain information on your previous payment behaviour.

TheCircle reserves the right to use a subcontractor to handle billing formalities. This company receives credit card or current account details from TheCircle solely for billing purposes. Beyond that it does not store or collect data that would allow a member's identity to be traced.

Users can provide additional details about their expert profiles, such as interests, experience, references or telephone availability, which are then published on the TheCircle pages. Besides this information initiated by you, TheCircle will not publish or pass on any personal data without your consent.

TheCircle also collects data from business partners (e.g. TheCircle website partners and TheCircle expert partners). This includes the company name, company address and e-mail address and the associated URL, as well as the telephone numbers and names of contacts in the company. We use this information to speak to business partners, to point them to new pages and to send them interesting news and information. TheCircle does not publish this personal data without the business partner's consent.

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From member to member

TheCircle's business consists of connecting its members with one another by telephone. For this purpose we need a valid telephone number from each member. This telephone number is used by TheCircle for connecting its members to the network.

Note: TheCircle will never pass on its members' telephone numbers (except for accounting purposes) to third parties.

As TheCircle sets up the telephone connection between members, the telephone number of none of the participants is revealed to the other - this also applies to telephones with a caller display. Although TheCircle sets up the connection between the contacts, members' telephone calls are not recorded.

TheCircle Mail
TheCircle also fosters communication between its members through its email system. Messages that are sent via TheCircle Mail only contain the member name, the member's email address is not recorded there.

Rating lists
Every customer has the opportunity to rate the performance of another member. The rating can be made either numerically or in the form of a short comment. The ratings are published in the respective reader list and can be looked at there by all members. Once a rating has been submitted it cannot be changed or deleted.

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Other information

IP address
The IP address of TheCircle members helps us to diagnose server problems. The IP address enables us to identify where the user is accessing our home page from, which provider is being used and on which part of our home page the visitor is. We do not use the IP address for personal information about the user and although their steps on TheCircle's site can be reconstructed they themselves remain anonymous.

If a member or third party sends an email to TheCircle regarding particular information on the TheCircle home page or member activities, we reserve the right to collect, evaluate and if applicable publish such information.

TheCircle guarantees not to sell, rent or pass on your personal data to third parties.
The only exception to this rule is if we have a declaration of consent from the member or we have to pass on information for legal reasons.

TheCircle reserves the right to carry out a survey of members from time to time for advertising purposes. Among other things, demographic data such as location, age, etc, are relevant to such a survey. These surveys help significantly with selecting and taking into consideration possible requirements from TheCircle members. Furthermore, they give us the opportunity to make the pages more interesting and clearer in accordance with members' wishes.

User information
Occasionally, we ask our members to take part in online surveys during which contact data such as the email address is extracted. Through this information we have the opportunity to send our members current information on TheCircle. To unsubscribe from this information service, send an email to contact@thecircle.com.

Members recruiting members
TheCircle members have the chance to recruit new members. For every member recruited there is a bonus from TheCircle that is credited to the relevant member's account. When you put forward a potential new recruit on the ''Recruit Members'' page we will contact that person by email. The details of the person, in this case name and email address, are used by us solely for approaching your friend/acquaintance in a one-off email.

Links to other Web pages
On the TheCircle sites there are links to other Web pages. TheCircle is not responsible for the content of these home pages. We therefore recommend that our members examine these pages most carefully before entering any personal data.

The use of cookies
The TheCircle home page uses cookies. Cookies are small amounts of data that are sent to your browser by the TheCircle server and stored on your hard disk. TheCircle uses these cookies to trace the visitor on their journey through the TheCircle sites. This process enables us to obtain information about the use of our home page and to continually develop it.

In addition, cookies record the user name and password which makes surfing on our home page easier. As a result you only have to gain access once, it is not necessary to call-up your name and password again during a session. Unfortunately it is not possible to use our home page without cookies.

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Deleting & amending personal information

Details that have been recorded, such as name, email address, telephone number, password and password reminder, can be deleted or modified at any time. To do this, click the relevant data link on the ''My TheCircle'' page.

If you left your address or information about your credit card or current account when you registered and now want to modify or delete this please click your payment information on the ''My TheCircle'' page. Profiles can be revised, updated or deleted on the ''My TheCircle'' page.

Cancelling your TheCircle membership
You can cancel your membership anytime by

1. sending an email with your member name and email address to contact@thecircle.com. If you have forgotten your member name, please send us your first and last names.

2. sending a letter with the same details as for No. 1 to:

TheCircle AG
Keyword: membership
Zimmerstraße 68
D-10117 Berlin

We will not destroy any information or complaints about problems that have arisen, even after a member has left. On the contrary, such information is stored in our database. For technical reasons and due to regular system backups we cannot guarantee that information that was stored has been completely deleted. Regular backups protect your personal member data from being deleted by mistake.

Data security
In order to safeguard members' data from unauthorised access TheCircle uses state-of-the-art security systems such as ''Firewall'' and ''Secure Socket Layers''. In addition, we use generally-accepted industry standards to meet security requirements for hardware and software.

How to contact TheCircle:
If you have any other queries about data protection, ways of using our home page or using TheCircle contact us on:



TheCircle AG
Keyword: Data protection
Zimmerstraße 68
D-10117 Berlin

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Condition of contract: Cookies

The use of cookies
The TheCircle home page uses cookies. Cookies are small amounts of data that are sent to your browser by the TheCircle server and stored on your hard disk. TheCircle uses these cookies to trace visitors on their journey through the TheCircle sites. This process enables us to obtain information about the use of our home page and to continually develop it.

In addition, cookies record the user name and password, which makes surfing on our home page easier. As a result, you only have to gain access once; it is not necessary to call-up your name and password again during a session. Unfortunately, it is not possible to use our home page without cookies.

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Guarantee of satisfaction

We want every call to TheCircle to be to your complete satisfaction. If this is not the case TheCircle will, in the event of legitimate complaints, refund the charges for the call to your account after examining the complaint.

Please note that, as a rule, this applies only to a call duration of up to 15 minutes. Therefore, please hang up within 15 minutes if you are not satisfied with a call. Naturally, the correct fulfillment of a prediction and call content does not come under this guarantee.

For a refund, please send us a letter giving your telephone number, name and address within two weeks to the following address:

TheCircle Customer Care
Keyword: Guarantee of satisfaction
c/o StreamLive Ltd
PO Box 407
YO11 9AH

Please do not forget to give your member name, the name of your contact, date and time as well as the amount you were charged by your contact.

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Customer service

At TheCircle, we always try to respond to your queries as quickly as possible. There are various ways of contacting us, depending on the urgency of your query.

First of all, have a look at the help page to see whether your query is answered there.

If not, please send an email to help@thecircle.com, and we will endeavour to respond to your query within 24 hours.

If your query is so urgent that you cannot wait for a response, you can contact our service team by telephone. Please call 0800 067 3330. Our Customer Service Centre is staffed 7am to 1am daily ¿ UK / British Standard time.

Further information also at:

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