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Reader: Aleena

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If you are at a crossroad, feel free to reach out to me at any tough point of your life. On Chat only I will use Tarot and my natural Clairvoyant abilities. read more

Reader: Sara M

Sara M
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By conversing with my Guides I'm able to bring clarity and direction where decisions, feelings and confusion are apparent within or around you at any given time read more

Reader: Marayah Rose

Marayah Rose
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I combine all my Psychic tools to give useful guidance and positive future direction. I am compassionate and understanding to your challenges. read more

Reader: Demetrious

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Is your love life mixed up? Confusing? Don't know what to say or do to fix it? With my insight, Psychic abilities and Spirit Guides, I can help you. read more

Reader: Aurora Dawn

Aurora Dawn
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Whether you want a general reading or guidance on a specific area, I will link with my Spirit Guides to give you a detailed reading. read more