What Is a Psychic?

And What Is Our Sixth Sense?

Psychic power is the ability to know something without any logical reason. This is what we call our 'sixth sense' or extrasensory perception. It is where energy is channelled through the third eye or brow chakra.


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Reader: Maryrose

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I am a Clairvoyant Medium and use the Tarot Cards to link with you, bringing you peace of mind and clarity. read more

Reader: Aleena

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If you are at a crossroad, feel free to reach out to me at any tough point of your life. On Chat only I will use Tarot and my natural Clairvoyant abilities. read more

Reader: Kara

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Talk to me! I am a compassionate, experienced psychic reader, specialising in relationship compatibility, tarot and astrology. I can give you valuable insights. read more

Reader: Christine W

Christine W
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I work using my Psychic skills and the Tarot to help you chose the right path. Together we can clear the confusion and chaos. read more

Reader: Nick Dutch

Nick Dutch
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I provide spiritual readings on love, life and career. I use Tarot to help me to open up to Spirit to give me the information that I need to give you clarity. read more

Reader: Faiza S

Faiza S
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Do you want to wake up thinking your love life or career is getting back on track? Working only on Chat I will guide you using my Tarot cards and Crystal ball. read more

Reader: Psychic Amanda

Psychic Amanda
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Let me help you find direction and your path to success in all matters of the heart and career. No situation is too difficult! read more

Reader: Psychic Susan

Psychic Susan
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I have read for thousands and given them the honesty, peace of mind, guidance and the knowledge and the tools to help them on life's journey read more

Reader: Dawn

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I am a natural Psychic Medium, I use a Crystal Ball and Spirit Guides. I specialize in relationships, predicting the future and linking with the Spirit World. read more

Reader: Jamie

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What is your next step in life? Would you like some clear guidance? I can help with any area. I provide Clairvoyant readings on past, present and future. read more

What Is a Psychic? 


We were all born with a heightened sense of intuition, which we use all the time without realising it. We may even call it 'a gut feeling', that sense of just 'knowing'. We don’t, however, go on to develop psychic abilities – that is, the ability to harness the sixth sense.



Commonly, Psychics will tell you that they were 'guided' by spirit or the universe to follow a spiritual path; this is an innate part of who Psychics are. TheCircle - brought to you by Patrick Arundell Astrology Psychics use that skill to assist others. Psychics can help individuals to find clarity in all kinds of situations.


What Is a Phone Psychic?


At TheCircle - brought to you by Patrick Arundell Astrology one of the main services offered is a Psychic phone reading. Just like any other Reader, a phone Psychic uses senses and skills such as clairvoyance and precognition. Often, a tool such as Tarot or crystals will be used to speed up the connection process.

You may question how a phone Psychic can connect with you over the phone, or whether a psychic phone reading is as meaningful as a face-to-face one. Further down the page, we explore just how psychic and spiritual readings work, to reassure you that you can better understand your future and more through a psychic reading over the phone.


When Should You Have a Psychic Reading?

Psychics clairvoyant can help individuals to find clarity in all kinds of situations. The messages which are channelled are impartial and come from a higher guided source of information, bringing transparency and relief to problems that we may have spent many, many hours mulling over.

Types of Psychic Readings

Whether you speak to a phone Psychic, an online Psychic or a Reader operating in other ways, each is proficient in a different set of skills. Here are some types of psychic chat you can expect to choose from at TheCircle - brought to you by Patrick Arundell Astrology.

Spiritual Readings

Some Psychics are able to connect with those who have passed on, who are now in the afterlife. These are called ‘spirits’. They can use that skill to help you communicate with someone you have lost. Spiritual Mediums do this through the same variety of chat or phone psychic reading methods as any other psychic reading.


Psychics who give psychic readings using Tarot cards use their gifts to interpret a specific deck of cards and give an insightful reading. The cards are called the Major Arcana and although each card has its own set of meanings, it takes a Reader’s power to decipher the precise relevance for the sitter.


Astrology is a historic practice based on interpreting the movements of the stars and planets, and their meaning for individuals and for those grouped under a certain star sign. But many psychics also use their gifts to enhance the service.


Clairvoyance involves the Psychic tapping into images in the mind’s eye to give a reading, with ‘clair’ meaning clear and ‘voyant’ vision. It is linked to an entire system of Clair Senses, including Clairsentience, Clairolfaction, Clairaudience and more. Operating as a phone Psychic does not diminish those skills.


Angels are said to be all around us, but they will not come to our assistance without permission - we have to ask for their assistance. Psychics use angel cards to help us connect with the angels and so let them into our lives.

Reading Style

Psychics, like everyone, have different personalities and this leads them to have different reading styles. Each Reader profile at TheCircle - brought to you by Patrick Arundell Astrology offers insight into that Reader’s style, so it’s good to have a browse to help you choose a phone Psychic or a Reader to chat to online who will be right for you.

 Here are a few reading styles you may come across.

Blunt and direct Some Readers prefer to be upfront about what they glean about the person they are reading for. This won’t appeal to everyone, but if you prefer to hear it straight, choose a Reader who doesn’t prevaricate and gets straight to the point. Conversational A reading is a two-sided experience: the Reader isn’t there to pass messages on at random, but to help you understand yourself, your life and your problems with more clarity. If you’re a conversational person in your daily life, a psychic chat with a conversational reader could be the most fruitful. It will certainly help you to relax into the experience. Compassionate This is a Reader quality most important for sensitive matters, such as when you’re asking for assistance with a major life issue or trying to communicate with a loved one in the afterlife. Compassionate Readers won’t hide things from you, but instead adopt a soft approach to the reading to better suit your state. You will likely have spotted elements that match your personality and preferences, but the best way to understand how best you connect with a Psychic is to try a few different psychic reading styles.

Having a Psychic Reading

How Should You Prepare?

Development of psychic gifts can be achieved through various practices such as meditation. Many Readers therefore spend time on these practices immediately before a reading. Stilling the mind enhances the senses and allows a direct connection with universal energy.

This also applies to the person having the reading. It can help if you have spent some time achieving a state of calm and stillness before the reading too.

What Reading Methods Can You Expect?

Operating from their own base and connecting with you online, Readers at TheCircle - brought to you by Patrick Arundell Astrology are able to offer psychic services through a whole range of methods:

  • You can ‘click-to-call’, and the Reader will call you back.
  • You can book a specific telephone appointment.
  • You can arrange a psychic chat reading via live chat. TheCircle - brought to you by Patrick Arundell Astrology App is one way to access a live psychic chat, but WhatsApp is also available for psychic and spiritual readings.

A trained phone Psychic tunes into our energy and our voice vibration, meaning that we don't need to be face to face with them. Therefore a psychic phone reading is a perfect and private way to find the answers to those burning questions.

Each online psychic chat is priced according to the Psychic, their styles of reading, and their experience in the field. The £0.29 per minute introductory offer for the first 10-minute reading could help you test out a Reader to see if they are the right one for you. Each Psychic Reader has a different speciality.

Having a reading can leave you feeling positively empowered to make informed decisions and take informed action.


How often should you hear an online Reading?

You can undertake an online reading or a phone reading as often as you want.

Will it be a spooky experience?

You may be a bit nervous before your first Psychic reading which is perfectly normal. However, the Reader will quickly help you to relax and enjoy your reading. It is not spooky at all, instead just a lovely way to communicate and connect with the answers you’re looking for.

Will I hear anything negative or upsetting when I speak to a Psychic?

In a Psychic reading, the Reader works with your energy, meaning that the reading is always based on giving the caller an honest experience. It is intended to inspire them, empower them and leave them feeling positive. If you’re looking for an answer for a tough life question – about love, work or anything really important to you – then the suggestions obtained may not be easy to hear. However, in the long run, they should result as reassuring and empowering.

How do I know if your Psychics are genuinely gifted?

All Psychics, Mediums and Clairvoyant Readers at TheCircle - brought to you by Patrick Arundell Astrology are experienced and submit their skills to a thorough test process before they are allowed to join us. Being a Spiritualist Medium is a gift often inherited or sometimes experienced from a very young age. It is not easy to learn and develop skills as a Psychic, as you have to have a natural ability. We only accept Readers who meet our high standards.

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