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Reader: Ariel D

Ariel D

5 Stars
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Sign: Libra
Skills: Angels
Spirit Guides
Readings: 1.007


Style : Caring Specialities : Love & Relationships, Spirituality Gifts : Psychic Medium, Spirit Guides Tools : Crystals, Angel Readings, Aura Readings Experience : I have 20 years of experience as a Psychic Medium Hobbies: Fairy and Angel sculpture, Kundalini Yoga, Astral Travelling My Mantra: Radiate love and light to all beings      


04-Aug-2020 21:32
Rating: very good! 5 out of 5 stars

Just wow Goes straight in and no messing around. Picked up on a situation straight away as well and described person to a T and what is around them. Calming and non judgemental.

04-Aug-2020 15:24
Rating: very good! 5 out of 5 stars

First Class just gets better, simply brilliant

26-Jun-2020 08:17
Rating: very good! 5 out of 5 stars

Outstanding I absolutely love Ariel. My first reading with her and I was blown away by how well she connected. It was like having her in my house talking about items that even I had forgotten about. I have had many readings from many people but this is definitely one of the most talented mediums that i have ever come across. I could have spoken to her for hours she connected and described so much about my family in spirit. I can not thank you enough for such a very powerful reading. Love Ravinder

18-May-2020 09:42
Rating: very good! 5 out of 5 stars

Amazing My reading was well worth the wait. Things Ariel said to me have alteady started to resonate. I have the purple book She knew names of people who had passed and situations she could never have know . She was warm and lovely and made me feel so.much better over situations that have been troubling me. Can't thank Ariel enough. Gives me hope that the prediction I wanted will come to pass. Will let you know . Lots of love & Light. Clare xxx

05-May-2020 23:05
Rating: very good! 5 out of 5 stars

Simply incredible I just didnt want this reading to end. Ariel D has such a warm, positive, intuitive energy that I instantly felt relaxed and deeply connected to what she was saying. There were innumerable accurate facts and insights that made the reading very emotional and significant. I cannot rate her highly enough. Thank you Ariel and we look forward to connecting again soon!

30-Apr-2020 10:57
Rating: very good! 5 out of 5 stars

Amazing! My first call with Ariel and she did not disappoint! Ariel kept mentioning me receiving a gift of a blue Agate necklace or bracelet, and that I must get it out of the packaging and wear it. I was not sure what she meant, as I did not know what Agate looked like, but I have a habit of keeping gifts in their packaging for years! After the call, I got all my jewellery boxes out, and in one of the boxes, there was a beautiful blue Agate necklace! She also named accurately a guy that called me.

25-Apr-2020 09:07
Rating: very good! 5 out of 5 stars

Excellent! I waited quite a while for the Reading with Ariel D and she didn't disappoint. She has a real connection with those who have passed over. She connected with my mum and told me her name, which I find amazing. She told me my mum wanted me to play the piano and sing again! It was strange, as I was sitting looking right at the piano as we were talking and had been thinking of doing the same.She was extremely kind, gentle and insightful and I would highly recommend. Thank you Ariel

22-Mar-2020 15:13
Rating: very good! 5 out of 5 stars

Remarkable Ariel has read for me twice and provided remarkable information about family who have passed and myself and gone into minute detail on recent significant events to accurately confirm what happened and then reflect the thoughts of persons involved. As a result I have confidence in the information provided on current events I am not aware of and her predictions for the future.

07-Mar-2020 00:12
Rating: very good! 5 out of 5 stars

Accurate and very detailed Sorry I got cut off. Wanted to say a big thank you for so so many validations and clearing my insight. You are so spot on with things !!!

02-Dec-2019 21:10
Rating: very good! 5 out of 5 stars

Absolutely incredible Initially, Ariel gave me a few comments that were not really connecting - but once I asked my question - she was away - and SO many validations, SO many correct statements, I was truly blessed to have had a reading with her. A very lovely soul with such accurate and no waffle information. Well worth getting up at 4 am to chat to..She will soon be extremely difficult to get through to.. Thanks Ariel - a fabulous read..

Psychic skills at a glance


During an Angel reading the reader will try to make spiritual contact with your guardian angel. They will pass on any concerns you may have to your guardian angels and act as a kind of interpreter between you and your angel, passing back to you the answer to your questions.


Mediums and clairvoyants have the ability to communicate with spirits in the spirit world. Spirits are people who were once living and now live in spirit. Mediums can bring messages from loved ones and offer evidence of survival and life after death. They can ask for specific people to come through for you, however the spirit may not be ready. If they don't come through the medium will be able to give information and guidance on who comes to them in the reading. Mediumship is proof that there is life after death for everyone seeking spontaneous contact with someone on the other side. A medium's reading proves to be a moving and touching experience for those who take part in a medium reading. We know that there is a connection between this life and the afterlife at the time of death, but with the right psychic medium, contact can be with intention and offer solutions to problems. The afterworld is not a closed-off area, and the living are able to make contact with those on the other side using the gift of a psychic medium. This contact with the spiritual world has been dismissed by the Christian church and other religious organisations. Shamans and ancient initiation rites, for example in ancient Greece, have always practised communicating with the spiritual world to prove there is life after death and reincarnation is possible. Communication with the spiritual world was never completely impossible, just controversial as those in religious circles saw mediumship as sacrilegious as it was seen as an invasion of the two worlds. This mindset contradicts the evidence that the information channelled during a medium reading is helpful and comforting to those who take part in a medium reading. In most cases a medium reading with a psychic medium UK is ideal to engage in conversation with the person with whom you're trying to communicate with. Medium readings can also be used to contact animals in this manner. Use mediumship to obtain messages and help from the afterworld. Because there are so many different areas, topics, questions and reasons to speak to someone, it is important to chose the right psychic medium for you, a psychic medium who will relay loving and understanding messages to you.

Love & Relationships

Love and relationship readers are experienced in dealing with matters concerning our personal relationships. They can guide us through difficult situations involving not just the relationships we have with our partners, but also matters involving our friends and family.


Spirituality readers deal with matters of the spirit, matters of our nature and purpose beyond the material world, senses and time.

Spirit Guides

All of us have one or more Spirit Guides who watch over us and are able to help or ‘guide’ us through our lives so we have the opportunity to learn what we are here to learn. Our Guides do not force us nor are they with us watching every move we make and hearing every thing we say. Most of us are not aware of their presence and what they are wanting to tell us. Readers can tune into your Guides and often tell you a little about who they are and why they are with you. Using their clairvoyant skills they can pick up on information to pass on to you. Readers will tell you whatever information they are given and you can also ask any questions you may have. Our Spirit Guides come in all shapes and sizes and they are definitely not all Egyptian Priests or Native American Indian chiefs. Sometimes they can be children, animals or a relative who have passed over.


Superstition, myth and romance have been attached to crystals since ancient times. Using crystals is thought to dissolve stress, remove blockages, support new intentions and bring harmony. They can neutralise negative energies, draw energy away from an over-stimulated area, or re-energise a depleted one. The frequency they release is also effective for past life meditation. Many crystals have been used since ancient times. They are also used to assist with emotional imbalances and help with mental attitudes. Different crystals have different properties and a crystal reader will use them to help you with things like emotional pain, looking for solace or seeking general guidance in the face of difficult decisions. The reader will choose the crystal that is right for you and by touching or casting the crystals they will be offered insights into your problems.


A person who is psychic has the ability to perceive things hidden from the senses through means of extra-sensory perception. Some people believe that psychic powers can be heightened by the study and practice of various disciplines such as meditation.