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Reader: Autumn Clairvoyance


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Let us tune in to high level Spirit guides and get to the heart of the matter: career, love, family domestic and general life direction, we can cover them all.
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Enlightening revelations long standing blocks lifting, relief from stress now support arriving at exactly the right time fresh opportunity



Consistent, Honest, Straigtforward, Warm, Considerate,


Love & Relationships, Family & Home, Career


Clairvoyance, Cairsentience, Clairaudience, Claircognizance, Medium, Psychic, Angels, Spirit Guides


Tarot, Astrology, Runes


I have been delivering messages from Spirit with clarity, discernment and immense reverence to them for turning up consistently since I was 14 years old. I have a deep faith which assists me in my work daily.


I love keeping fit, gym, weight training, running and dancing. I enjoy reading Spiritual books, cooking, gardening, walking in nature, volunteering, sewing, textiles, interior decorating, art history and historic architecture.

My Mantra:

Change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

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394 Testimonials

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Thank you so much x

Telephone advice session rating - Circl*****3181 - 07-Jun-2021 13:54

Just would like to say I’ve spoken with autumn a few times and she is literally amazing, if you’re not sure who to book with then this is your sign to give her a call. Everything she has said has come true and i look forward to the future:) Thank you so much xx

Predictions have came true

Telephone advice session rating - Circl*****4783 - 20-May-2021 01:12

Autumn is a no nonsense reader and says it like it is, albeit with compassion but never the less, she’ll tell you as it is and she is not a time or money waster, she gets right on with answering your questions, clearly with precision, so for anyone out there, who needs a question answered, then waste no more time and give her a call, you won’t be disappointed, I certainly wasn’t 😊 and I always go back when I need to. Thanks Autumn x

Wonderful reading with Autumn.

Telephone advice session rating - Circl*****4981 - 16-May-2021 10:22

Wonderful reading again with Autumn. She is so quick to tune in and is compassionate and easy to understand.

Not Enough Stars

Telephone advice session rating - Circl*****6081 - 28-Apr-2021 11:00

Autumn is always incredible and it isnt general same old information. Hers and spirits guidance is always accurate and comforting, thanks you x

A million stars

Telephone advice session rating - Circl*****9881 - 24-Apr-2021 14:47

I have been having readings with Autumn since January 21 and she’s been right all along. I can guarantee she’ll tell you the facts and will never waste your time telling you nonsense. She’s fast , accurate, kind and honest. Thank you Autumn xxx

First reading

Telephone advice session rating - Circl*****2781 - 18-Apr-2021 04:52

I was very happy with my first reading

Positive reading

Telephone advice session rating - do**1 - 09-Apr-2021 21:31

I have had a few readings now with Autumn and feel she picks up the same things which is good. Obviously it is difficult to work out timings but the reading has left me feeling more positive about the future and Autumn has given suggestions to bring about what I desire. As I have said before, Autumn is a lovely lady who is easy to talk to and always makes me feel better as what she says fits to what I want.

Just lovely xx

Telephone advice session rating - Circl*****4381 - 07-Apr-2021 17:21

As always Autumn was a joy to speak to, spot on with clarity on my current situation. I will be calling again very soon xx God bless Autum, sending you love and God wishes xxx

5 stars

Telephone advice session rating - Circl*****9881 - 26-Mar-2021 09:09

Autumn is always so supportive and genuinely cares about you which sets her apart from most readers. A truly gifted and kind soul. Xxx

Autumn and her spirit guides are amazing++++...

Telephone advice session rating - Circl*****1381 - 22-Mar-2021 06:12

As always, Autumn and her spirit guides gave a superb reading and was crystal clear in everything she says. She was straight to the point and picked up on areas of concerns. Autumn explained the situation with such clarity that there was no room for misunderstanding. I like her style and they (+ others in The Circle) have helped with my healing process. Last year, I was going through a terrible time (family, friends & work issues) and I was in such emotional turmoil that I didn’t believe I woul ...


Reader skills

  • Tarot
  • Clairvoyance
  • Love & Relationships
  • Clairaudient
  • Spirit Guides
  • Runes
  • Career