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Is your love life mixed up? Confusing? Don't know what to say or do to fix it? With my insight, Psychic abilities and Spirit Guides, I can help you.
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I want to thank all my lovely, beautiful clients for the wonderful things you say about me I am always here for you.



Professional, compassionate, straight to the point, no nonsense and most of all here for you.


Love & Relationships, Family & Home, Career, Spiritual Counselling, Dream interpretation


Clairvoyant, Psychic, Spirit Guides, Angels, Dream Interpretation


Tarot Cards, Crystals 


I have been reading professionally for over 30 years but my Psychic abilities and Spirit Guides have always been around me.


Meditating to music, spending time with family and animals and being outside.

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I believe that love heals and conquers all.

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Telephone advice session rating - L*****3 - 28-Nov-2022 16:43

I think marriage is back on the cards. I got an oh ah, moment from my partner. He has been hinting that one day we will be married. I have dream't of a small wedding and thought and my finances to pay for such a dream.

Finance Issues

Chat advice session rating - L*****3 - 28-Nov-2022 16:41

Thank you for the advice. The night I could not sleep and need some help. You were right, the time of talking about finances stopped. We had an argument about finances and debt. But now it has all been forgotten and agreed. I thought about what you said.

The cracks are appearing

Chat advice session rating - L*****3 - 28-Nov-2022 16:25

Everything has started to change like you said. The area manager is leaving and possibly the manager, who is equally useless. Because of such a poor response from management, the strike is going ahead. There is a little excitement in me! Unfortunately, I did get to go out for that meal. Lovely covid is to blame. It's just being postponed.

Its happening

Chat advice session rating - L*****3 - 28-Nov-2022 16:22

Thank you so much, we have a few readings now. Even when I have been in despair whilst on holiday. My finances are stabilising as predicted. The two meetings went well like you said. Before I started the chat with Demetrious. She told me that I needed to know about finances and some sort of meeting. The job she said I would fine. Im not sure if it's the same one I have applied for three times now. Not sure, if that's a good sign. My relationship is definitely better.....

Excellent Reading

Chat advice session rating - C*****2 - 24-Nov-2022 19:31

Demetrious is tremendous and honest. She says as it is. Thank you so much.

Early morning 60C

Telephone advice session rating - s*****4 - 24-Nov-2022 05:51

This was my first reading i felt you picked up on things well you were brilliant your insights were on point Thanks sooo much i will be back This reader is highly recommended you will not be disappointed C60


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