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Reader: Laelia


45 Stars
I'm unavailable

Sign: Leo
Skills: Angels
Readings: 2.042


Style : Gentle Specialities : Love & Relationships, Career, Family Gifts : Clairvoyant, Empath, Life Coach Tools : Crystals, Angel cards Experience : I would describe myself as an empath, who chooses not to use tarot as I connect naturally with my crystals and angels around me, allowing the light to guide me through the readings Hobbies: I teach drama and love salsa dancing My Mantra: I have the power to create positive changes in my life        


01-Jun-2018 14:11
Rating: very good! 5 out of 5 stars

brilliant thank you

01-Jun-2018 13:35
Rating: very good! 5 out of 5 stars

great reading laelia gave me a great reading and insight today. loved my reading. thanks

20-May-2018 06:51
Rating: very good! 5 out of 5 stars

Fabulous connection Every sentence was a connect. Great reading with no waffle or unnecessary chatter. All to the point and accurate. Excellent reading with valuable insight. Many thanks.

12-May-2018 09:08
Rating: very good! 5 out of 5 stars

Brilliant Just one of the most accurate readings I’ve had. Thank you x

10-Apr-2018 20:21
Rating: very good! 5 out of 5 stars

Great reading Lots of information about a new man coming in to my life fringers crossed xx

24-Mar-2018 22:08
Rating: very good! 5 out of 5 stars

Amazing! Laelia was straight to the point and very honest! She made me feel so much better about my current situation and was so accurate!

18-Mar-2018 08:50
Rating: very good! 5 out of 5 stars

Fantastic Reading Highly recommended and appreciated

18-Feb-2018 16:56
Rating: very good! 5 out of 5 stars

Outstanding This woman is an outstanding reader. Fantastic.

11-Feb-2018 22:06
Rating: very good! 5 out of 5 stars

5 stars Amazing x

28-Dec-2017 11:51
Rating: very good! 5 out of 5 stars

Spot on! Laelia was spot on with my situation and described things perfectly without asking any questions or having any information provided. Other readers have predicted great things, but Laelia has been the most realistic, given the circumstances.

Psychic skills at a glance


During an Angel reading the reader will try to make spiritual contact with your guardian angel. They will pass on any concerns you may have to your guardian angels and act as a kind of interpreter between you and your angel, passing back to you the answer to your questions.


The word ‘clairvoyant’ means ‘spirit-seeing’ (‘clair’ = spirit, ‘voyant’ = to see). A clairvoyant reader is able to receive information about someone by psychic ability, without cards or any other tool. The reader may see ‘guides’ or people from spirit and will mostly just sense or know information about you and your life. Clairvoyance has been around for centuries as the desire to gain psychic insight into other dimensions and to experience things that we would otherwise not be able to with our usual five senses. There were people in nearly every culture who were particularly sensitive and receptive in a spiritual sense. It was said that these people possessed special interpretative skills. One famous example is the oracle at Delphi, where the psychic priestess Pythia was able to relay prophecies about the future, while in a state of trance. Some clairvoyants have had the psychic gift of clairvoyance since their birth and can access this secret psychic knowledge without the help of other means such as the Tarot. This psychic intuition can sometimes manifest itself pictorially or on a spiritual level but a clairvoyant is different to a medium, who contacts the spirits of people who have passed. There are many resources that can facilitate clairvoyance such as the crystal ball, a pendulum, dream analysis or palmistry. Psychic clairvoyants may also know white magic or the well-know ancient Chinese system of I Ching, which predicts future events and our life's journey. Fortune telling is the ability to see into the future or to predict certain events in the future, whereas a clairvoyant can see things that are otherwise hidden to others. Clairvoyants are also able to use their psychic ability to find misplaced objects or missing persons. You can use clairvoyance when you need information, which you otherwise wouldn't be able to get, or if you want to know how to solve a complicated or difficult situation, like you would use the Tarot. You can confide in a clairvoyant and really open up to them, and a clairvoyant reading is excellent for general readings as well as those on specific areas or questions. You will always get an immediate and clear answer from a clairvoyant. You don’t need to reveal your date of birth or provide any other personal details. Clairvoyance is an ideal opportunity to quickly get the answers you seek, especially when it comes to questions regarding the future.

Love & Relationships

Love and relationship readers are experienced in dealing with matters concerning our personal relationships. They can guide us through difficult situations involving not just the relationships we have with our partners, but also matters involving our friends and family.


Superstition, myth and romance have been attached to crystals since ancient times. Using crystals is thought to dissolve stress, remove blockages, support new intentions and bring harmony. They can neutralise negative energies, draw energy away from an over-stimulated area, or re-energise a depleted one. The frequency they release is also effective for past life meditation. Many crystals have been used since ancient times. They are also used to assist with emotional imbalances and help with mental attitudes. Different crystals have different properties and a crystal reader will use them to help you with things like emotional pain, looking for solace or seeking general guidance in the face of difficult decisions. The reader will choose the crystal that is right for you and by touching or casting the crystals they will be offered insights into your problems.


The chakra system has seven major colours. However the aura system contains all the colours of the rainbow. Everyone has an aura surrounding them which is like a field of energy that represents itself in the colours of the rainbow but we normally work with three. One colour going in, one colour going out and one colour that is constantly there. The aura changes all the time. When someone is going through a learning curve in life or study it shows in the aura as the colour silver. Flashing colours mean a problem area. Auras can be seen in photographs using kirlian photography, which shows the three colours that surround the head and shoulders. Colour therapy can be used for physical, mental, emotional or spiritual problems and also as an all over relaxation therapy. A colour reader can explain and advise you on how you can use colours at home . Everyone has colour preferences and being aware of them can tell us a lot about ourselves and help us address emotional issues, which is what the reader will help you do.


Career readers are experienced in dealing with questions regarding careers and career paths. They can help guide us with decisions that we are making, what may happen in the future and help us understand this particular course or progress in our lives.


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