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Has your love life suddenly changed making you question your future? I can help you understand and find peace to be able to move forwards.
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Caring, compassionate, honest and direct.


Love & Relationships, Mindfulness, Spirituality, Life Coaching


I’m naturally Psychic with a very strong connection with Spirit Guides and Angels. I am also gifted with Psychic Writing.


I use my natural ability to listen clearly to the messages given to me and my gift of Psychic Writing.


I have had a strong connection with one guide throughout my life since the age 7 and have been professionally helping people for 10yrs.


I absolutely adore reading Spiritual books, walking in nature and spending time at the beach. I am also a qualified relationship coach which I often use when asked for real professional advice or helping friends and family. Helping people mend is a gift and joy to do every day.

My Mantra:

Believe in yourself and the rest will follow.

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Amazing reading

Telephone advice session rating - l*****s - 27-Jun-2022 23:10

Amazing reading with lots of validations

Always amazing

Telephone advice session rating - l*****s - 16-Jun-2022 06:21

Thank you always.

Thank you

Telephone advice session rating - C*****2 - 13-Jun-2022 16:21

Molly has been absolutely amazing in helping me with a situation. She has answered my questions with patience and sensitivity over again. Molly gives you lots of relevant information and picks up lots of things around what is going on. The things Molly have said have been proven correct more than once. Molly is kind and gentle in her delivery also. I chose Molly to have my final reading on a situation and she was so helpful and comforting. Thank you x


Telephone advice session rating - l*****s - 19-May-2022 06:24



Telephone advice session rating - l*****s - 07-May-2022 09:22

One of the best readers if not the best on the Circle . Thank you 💕

My lighthouse when times are rough

Telephone advice session rating - C*****2 - 06-May-2022 10:59

Enough said with the title really:) Molly is always so helpful, and her guidance really helps me get through the unknown. Thank you a million times x


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