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Reader: Sianne


4 Stars
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Sign: Virgo
Skills: Clairvoyance
Spirit Guides
Family & Home
Readings: 4.818


What are your Speciality Areas? Love & Relationships, Family & Home What is your reading style? Compassionate Why should I choose you as my Reader? I am a gifted Psychic, Clairvoyant and Medium.  I give people direction and clarity in an understanding and compassionate way through my Psychic readings. How do you use your skills to answer my questions? I connect into your energy and am able to tell you exactly how you are feeling, what is currently happening and your future direction. This is done by what I hear and the visions I am shown. Can you read without Tarot cards? Yes I read without Tarot cards. I only use Angel cards but I can read without them too if you wish. What can I do to help you give me the best reading possible? I read your energy so just relax, take a deep breath and focus your mind on what you want to know about. ABOUT ME Hobbies: Swimming, Spiritual art, Gardening, Playing piano My Mantra: No matter how hard life can be remember there is always a positive outcome and you learn and grow as a person from your experiences and challenges.  


27-Nov-2017 13:54
Rating: very good! 5 out of 5 stars

Reassuring Love this reading , very comforting and reassuring . Genuine connection . Didn't ask a lot of questions , gave a couple of timelines , that matched other readers , so let's wait and see

01-Mar-2017 16:03
Rating: very good! 5 out of 5 stars

Good reading Good reader-takes a little time to connect but bear with her because she in genuine and accurate.

26-Feb-2017 17:40
Rating: good! 4 out of 5 stars

She was really great I thought she was accurate and tuned in well... She said my boyfriend is fighting with his wife at the moment so he can't pick up my call, and it's not good time if I call him tonight. But I ignored her advice so I called him straight after the reading. Then he didn't pick up the call as she predicted, but he told me he is at the airport so he can't talk. I've pushed him so he even called me back. That's not what this reader predicted... He wasn't fighting with his wife at all... She was nice so I give her extra star, although I wanted to give her 3 stars as she wasn't accurate.

21-Feb-2017 13:07
Rating: very good! 5 out of 5 stars

D.Y Very good, all spot on.

18-Nov-2016 14:21
Rating: very good! 5 out of 5 stars

Brilliant A little surprised there are not more recommendations for Sianne, spoken to her a few times and I have to say, she has to be one of the very best psychic mediums currently working in this country. Brilliant, thanks - R.

31-Aug-2016 15:37
Rating: very good! 5 out of 5 stars

third reading it was my third reading and thank you for the validations and reading

06-Jul-2016 11:51
Rating: very good! 5 out of 5 stars

Fantastic Spot on, and to the point, love chatting with her.

01-Jul-2016 19:40
Rating: very good! 5 out of 5 stars

Excellent reading Sianne is a very good psychic, who gave me reassurance and good advice. Thanks Sianne, it was lovely talking to you.

22-Jun-2016 21:02
Rating: good! 4 out of 5 stars

Lovely lady Very kind, caring and picked up on a specific point that no one could know, so gave me clarificaton all would be OK. Very in touch with spirit x

19-Jun-2016 21:49
Rating: good! 4 out of 5 stars

Nice Reading Lovely lady. Some validatons. I enjoyed the reading.

Psychic skills at a glance


The word ‘clairvoyant’ means ‘spirit-seeing’ (‘clair’ = spirit, ‘voyant’ = to see). A clairvoyant reader is able to receive information about someone by psychic ability, without cards or any other tool. The reader may see ‘guides’ or people from spirit and will mostly just sense or know information about you and your life. Clairvoyance has been around for centuries as the desire to gain psychic insight into other dimensions and to experience things that we would otherwise not be able to with our usual five senses. There were people in nearly every culture who were particularly sensitive and receptive in a spiritual sense. It was said that these people possessed special interpretative skills. One famous example is the oracle at Delphi, where the psychic priestess Pythia was able to relay prophecies about the future, while in a state of trance. Some clairvoyants have had the psychic gift of clairvoyance since their birth and can access this secret psychic knowledge without the help of other means such as the Tarot. This psychic intuition can sometimes manifest itself pictorially or on a spiritual level but a clairvoyant is different to a medium, who contacts the spirits of people who have passed. There are many resources that can facilitate clairvoyance such as the crystal ball, a pendulum, dream analysis or palmistry. Psychic clairvoyants may also know white magic or the well-know ancient Chinese system of I Ching, which predicts future events and our life's journey. Fortune telling is the ability to see into the future or to predict certain events in the future, whereas a clairvoyant can see things that are otherwise hidden to others. Clairvoyants are also able to use their psychic ability to find misplaced objects or missing persons. You can use clairvoyance when you need information, which you otherwise wouldn't be able to get, or if you want to know how to solve a complicated or difficult situation, like you would use the Tarot. You can confide in a clairvoyant and really open up to them, and a clairvoyant reading is excellent for general readings as well as those on specific areas or questions. You will always get an immediate and clear answer from a clairvoyant. You don’t need to reveal your date of birth or provide any other personal details. Clairvoyance is an ideal opportunity to quickly get the answers you seek, especially when it comes to questions regarding the future.


Mediums and clairvoyants have the ability to communicate with spirits in the spirit world. Spirits are people who were once living and now live in spirit. Mediums can bring messages from loved ones and offer evidence of survival and life after death. They can ask for specific people to come through for you, however the spirit may not be ready. If they don't come through the medium will be able to give information and guidance on who comes to them in the reading. Mediumship is proof that there is life after death for everyone seeking spontaneous contact with someone on the other side. A medium's reading proves to be a moving and touching experience for those who take part in a medium reading. We know that there is a connection between this life and the afterlife at the time of death, but with the right psychic medium, contact can be with intention and offer solutions to problems. The afterworld is not a closed-off area, and the living are able to make contact with those on the other side using the gift of a psychic medium. This contact with the spiritual world has been dismissed by the Christian church and other religious organisations. Shamans and ancient initiation rites, for example in ancient Greece, have always practised communicating with the spiritual world to prove there is life after death and reincarnation is possible. Communication with the spiritual world was never completely impossible, just controversial as those in religious circles saw mediumship as sacrilegious as it was seen as an invasion of the two worlds. This mindset contradicts the evidence that the information channelled during a medium reading is helpful and comforting to those who take part in a medium reading. In most cases a medium reading with a psychic medium UK is ideal to engage in conversation with the person with whom you're trying to communicate with. Medium readings can also be used to contact animals in this manner. Use mediumship to obtain messages and help from the afterworld. Because there are so many different areas, topics, questions and reasons to speak to someone, it is important to chose the right psychic medium for you, a psychic medium who will relay loving and understanding messages to you.

Love & Relationships

Love and relationship readers are experienced in dealing with matters concerning our personal relationships. They can guide us through difficult situations involving not just the relationships we have with our partners, but also matters involving our friends and family.


Clairaudience (fr. clair = clear and audience = hearing) is a form of extra-sensory perception where the clairaudient receives information by paranormal auditory means. A form of clairvoyance, clairaudience means that the clairaudient has paranormal hearing as opposed to paranormal seeing (clairvoyance). A clairaudient may not experience actual perception of sound but may refer to impressions of the "inner mental ear". This is similar to the way people think words but don't actually hear them. Clairaudience can also mean that the clairaudient can actually hear noises, voices and tones that other people cannot hear and cannot be picked up on recording instruments either. For example a clairaudient may claim to hear voices or thoughts from the spirits of the deceased.

Spirit Guides

All of us have one or more Spirit Guides who watch over us and are able to help or ‘guide’ us through our lives so we have the opportunity to learn what we are here to learn. Our Guides do not force us nor are they with us watching every move we make and hearing every thing we say. Most of us are not aware of their presence and what they are wanting to tell us. Readers can tune into your Guides and often tell you a little about who they are and why they are with you. Using their clairvoyant skills they can pick up on information to pass on to you. Readers will tell you whatever information they are given and you can also ask any questions you may have. Our Spirit Guides come in all shapes and sizes and they are definitely not all Egyptian Priests or Native American Indian chiefs. Sometimes they can be children, animals or a relative who have passed over.


A person who is psychic has the ability to perceive things hidden from the senses through means of extra-sensory perception. Some people believe that psychic powers can be heightened by the study and practice of various disciplines such as meditation.

Family & Home

Home is where the heart is and our team of psychics can give you warm and caring advice on anything that matters to you or your loved ones. Some readers will simply pick up on your energies, others will use numerology, Tarot, astrology and other techniques, to focus on your needs.


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