What is a Phone Tarot Reading?

A phone tarot reading works much the same as a face to face one. The Reader will do a tarot live to help you gain clarity by answering questions using guidance from the cards. In a Tarot card reading the Reader uses the Tarot cards and their meaning to answer your questions. By gaining information about your life, the Reader can deliver just as deep a phone Tarot reading as they could in person.


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Reader: Alison Dak

Alison Dak
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I'm available  

What will the animals and spirits say to you? I will guide you on your journey and look at your areas of concern. read more

Reader: Sara M

Sara M
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I'm available  

By conversing with my Guides I'm able to bring clarity and direction where decisions, feelings and confusion are apparent within or around you at any given time read more

Reader: Aleena

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I'm available  

If you are at a crossroad, feel free to reach out to me at any tough point of your life. On Chat only I will use Tarot and my natural Clairvoyant abilities. read more

Reader: Rhian T

Rhian T
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I'm available  

Have a warm and relaxing reading to provide comfort, insight and reassurance. Working with Guides and Angels I read cards and can offer clarity on your path. read more

Reader: Nick Dutch

Nick Dutch
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I'm available  

I provide spiritual readings on love, life and career. I use Tarot to help me to open up to Spirit to give me the information that I need to give you clarity. read more

Reader: Kabir A

Kabir A
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I'm available  

Working only on Chat I will give honesty and clarity in your love life and career using my tools to help me shine a light on your situation. read more

Reader: Faiza S

Faiza S
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I'm available  

Do you want to wake up thinking your love life or career is getting back on track? Working only on Chat I will guide you using my Tarot cards and Crystal ball. read more

Reader: Taimoor A

Taimoor A
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I'm available  

I will guide you using my Tarot Cards in love and relationships, home and career issues. Working on Chat only my natural Psychic powers will help to guide you. read more

Reader: Almas B

Almas B
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I'm available  

Are you worried about family issues and partner compatibility? Working with my Spirit Guides, Tarot and Pendulum on Chat I will give you an honest reading. read more

Reader: Hira C

Hira C
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I'm available  

Are you worried about your relationship? Do you need some clarity? Working only on Chat, I will use my powerful energies to help and guide you. read more

Reader: Eva

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I'm in a reading  

Feel free to connect with me if you are feeling a little lost in life. I am Clairaudient and I specialise in Love, Career, and Spiritual Awakening readings. read more

Reader: Maryrose

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I'm in a reading  

I am a Clairvoyant Medium and use the Tarot Cards to link with you, bringing you peace of mind and clarity. read more

Reader: Tricia

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I'm in a reading  

My clients can expect to gain clarity to a variety of situations in their lives including romantic, family and spiritual matters. read more

Reader: Natasha

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I'm in a reading  

Have a relaxed and uplifting Psychic Reading that gets straight to the heart of the matter. Leave feeling confident and empowered, with clarity and vision. read more

Reader: Chantelle

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I'm in a reading  

Do you need some caring insight into your problem? I use my Mediumship, Clairvoyance and the Tarot to get to the heart of any difficulties you face. read more

Reader: Autumn

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I'm in a reading  

Let us tune in to high level Spirit guides and get to the heart of the matter: career, love, family domestic and general life direction, we can cover them all. read more

Reader: Christine W

Christine W
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I'm in a reading  

I work using my Psychic skills and the Tarot to help you chose the right path. Together we can clear the confusion and chaos. read more

Reader: Marie P

Marie P
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I'm unavailable  

When you feel stuck, lost or simply in need of some clarity and direction, I am here to help you find balance, to empower you, and to get you on the right path read more

Reader: Midnight Eve

Midnight Eve
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I'm unavailable  

My Psychic perception will uncover the hidden aspects of your love and life paths. My Guides reveal empowering options for inspiration and guiding light. read more

Reader: Saren K

Saren K
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I'm unavailable  

Let my guides help to show you a clearer pathway forward. As a young child I was aware of Spirit and helped by my gran, which began my Spiritual journey. read more

What is a Phone Tarot Reading? 

What is a Daily Tarot?

Daily Tarot refers to the idea of using Tarot live on a regular basis. Daily Tarot readings involve one card being pulled and its meaning given based on the context of your upcoming day.


What is a Lenormand Tarot?

Some people who choose a live Tarot reading may opt for a Reader who specialises in using a Lenormand Tarot deck. A Lenormand deck represents a simplified version of Tarot. For example, there are no card reversals in a Lenormand deck – each card means the same regardless of being upside down or not. The Lenormand deck also doesn’t use the Major/Minor Arcana split or any of the suits. The main difference is that while a live Tarot reading benefits from intuition from the Reader, a Lenormand reading may be based more on the practical application of the card.

What is a Love Tarot?

There are a variety of areas covered by Love Tarot readings including love and relationships, future love, your marriage, potential love, relationship break-ups, while also providing guidance on all areas about love. Live Tarot card readings are becoming increasingly popular in this area because they give such detailed readings. Love Tarot readings can highlight the star sign of a potential partner, especially if the Tarot Reader uses specific Tarot card spreads. Readings may also signify the month in which you will meet, get engaged or get married – and it may give a description of what the person looks like. Many people decide to have a Tarot card reading online to get guidance on a current situation in their relationship and to find out what the outcome will be, although phone Tarot readings are just as effective.

What are the Different Decks of Tarot Cards?

What is a Standard Deck?

A standard deck of Tarot cards is open to interpretation and intuition as each card has a multitude of meanings depending on context, its position, the matter at hand, and the order of the reading. There is a Major Arcana and a Minor Arcana. The former has 22 cards, the latter 56. Within each of these there are four suits: wands, pentacles, cups, and swords.

A Glimpse at the Major Arcana

The Major Arcana links directly to the person that the reading is for, meaning it can represent them much more than the Minor Arcana. It also shows significant life events, whether they are current, past or present. Tarot Readers say that the more Major Arcana cards you have in your reading the more important changes are going on in your life.


A Glimpse at the Minor Arcana

The suits of the Minor Arcana represent different areas in your life. The Cups represent relationships, love, emotions, the arts and creativity. The Pentacles symbolise abundance, career, security and material possessions. The Swords relate to power, intelligence and choice. The wands signify growth, vision, progress in life and spirituality.

What Do the Cards Mean?

The meaning of the cards varies depending on the order in which they are read and whether they are upside down or not. Someone may go to a Tarot reader with an enquiry as to whether they should pursue their current relationship. They may receive a similar card combination to someone asking if they should change jobs. But the context of the question alters the live Tarot card reading and makes it personal to them. This can be achieved just as well over the phone as it can in person with a live Tarot reading or a Tarot card reading online.

Having a Phone Tarot Reading

How Does it Work?


What happens in a phone Tarot reading depends on you. If you have questions about your life in general, the reader could pinpoint some areas that the cards have led them to. If your questions are about love or about career issues, then this could also influence the reading. The live Tarot reading takes into account your past and present in order to use the cards and their meanings to suggest what you could do about a future matter.

What Methods can you Expect?

For those who need some advice or guidance, a phone Tarot reading provides an opportunity to have a chat and receive some wisdom to alleviate your worries without making too much of a commitment. You can select a Psychic with whom you feel comfortable and gradually build a relationship to gain some peace of mind. A phone Tarot reading could be just the solution to your problem.



When should I have a Tarot reading?

A live Tarot card reading can be done for many occasions. Some people choose to ask for guidance when there is a big life decision to make.

Which devices can I use for a Tarot reading?

At TheCircle, it's possible to set up a Live Chat for a Tarot card reading online. Otherwise, our Tarot Readers are available to do phone tarot readings on a call.

What is the Pricing of a Phone Tarot Reading?

The pricing of a live Tarot reading that offers phone consultations depends on many factors. More experienced Tarot Readers charge more, while those just starting out may have more competitive prices. An introductory offer for the first ten minutes means that those who have never had a live Tarot reading can try one out for a reduced rate. This may encourage those who are on the fence to take the plunge and have a Tarot card reading.

Is the reading beneficial for me?

A Tarot live Reading can provide answers to any burning questions you have across a wide number of areas, so a reading can be beneficial because it is specific to you.

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