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About Chinese Zodiacs


Understanding the 12 signs of the Chinese Zodiac can help you to get a fresh view on your life, personality and future. Whether or not you already know what your Chinese zodiac sign is, this is the place to get started on finding out more about it.


You may use Chinese Zodiac readings as a complement to the readings that you get using the Western Zodiac. It can be interesting to look for areas where both overlap, or where they can be interpreted in different ways. Our talented Astrology and Horoscope Readers can help you make sense of your Chinese zodiac sign and how it may affect your future.


The Pig Zodiac

Known for having the sweetest personalities out of all the Chinese zodiac signs

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The Ox Zodiac

The ox zodiac is a symbol for hard work and trustworthiness.

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The Rat Zodiac

Those born in Year of the Rat are truly complex people


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The Rooster Zodiac

Those born in the year of the rooster are known to be supremely complex people.

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The Dog Zodiac

Those born under the year of the dog are known as loyal characters.

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The Horse Zodiac

The horse zodiac is associated with bravey and independence.

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The rabbit zodiac is associated with modesty, grace and compassion.


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Confidence and passionate are two traits associated the tiger zodiac.


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The Chinese snake is a fire element sign associated with danger.


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