Love, Relationships and Family

Wrap yourself with Love

Learn how to love yourself this time of year… 

Unwrap the magic to self love…

Loss of affection

Affection isn’t quite the same as ‘love’...

When do we lose affection?

Competitive Partner

If your partner is very competitive then the chances are they're an Alpha type.

Alpha type...

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Life and Destiny

Stick to your New Year Resolutions

Each year people make New Year resolutions. How many of us stick to them?

Find out more…

Refresh your Aura

Here are few hints and tips to keep your aura refreshed


Learn more…

Heart Chakra

The heart chakra meaning is an important part of our energy, love and emotions

Find out more…

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Loss and Grieving

Reincarnation Facts

Reincarnation means the rebirth of the same soul in different bodies.

Understand reincarnation...

Torn Between Lovers

Is it really possible to love two people?


Find out how to cope...

Spiritual Medium

A Medium psychic reading is nothing to be scared about...


Learn more here...

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Conflicting Readings

If you have been in a dilemma and turned to a psychic counselor for advice

Be wary of these signs..

Herbs to Aid Intuition

Certain plant essences can be used to boost intuition


Open your inner eye...

Dreaming of Mirrors

Mirrors have long been considered magical objects.


Looking in...

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Man Communications

Mr Cancer's greatest assets is that he actually listens. 


Considerate Cancer...

Taurus Man

Mr Taurus prefers to feel that everything he does has a purpose.

Mr Taurus straight to point...

Libra Man Communication

The Libra Man likes all things smooth and amiable.


Meek and Mild...

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King & Queen Of Wands

In the Tarot, the suit of Wands refers to your drives in life.

Fire element...

Royalty of Swords

The suit of Swords refers to the mind, to the Element of Air. 

Air element...

The Empress

The Empress tarot card brings you all energy you can handle...

Understand its meanings...

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