Heart Chakra

Why is the heart Chakra so important?
The heart chakra is our energy centre for love, compassion and acceptance of oneself and others. Is your heart chakra balanced?

The heart chakra meaning is an important part of our energy, representing love, relationships and our emotions and interaction with others. It is located near the centre of the chest and can take energy from the upper chakras and transfer it to the lower chakras. Balancing and opening up your heart chakra helps you to be able to give love and also receive from others. The heart chakra is related to the circulatory system, the heart, the thymus gland and the lower lung.
Nothing eats away at love as much as resentment. You may have suppressed certain negative thoughts in order to maintain harmony. Maybe you avoid rows because you’re too tired, or despair of ever finding a solution. However, if there is anger in your heart it will drive out the more positive emotions.
Arrange a time when you will talk about these matters. Each of you must promise to:
  • Listen – not to respond but really listen to what the other has to say
  • Be honest – be direct but do not be intentionally hurtful
  • Not to shout
  • Not to accuse, judge or condemn
  • To be committed to finding a way forward
It may be that you can’t reach total agreement, but that’s not necessarily the most important outcome. What matters is that you both feel heard and understood. Hurt often fades when you receive empathy.
Make notes on your meeting, however formal that sounds. You may need a record of what you decided, even if it wasn’t anything definite. Then you can pick this up when you have your next ‘meeting’ and maybe take it further.
Commit to having a discussion like this once a month, to keep that dialogue going.
A person with a balanced heart chakra will be caring, compassionate, kind and loving towards others. They will have self-respect, respect for others and accept people for who they are, without judging or having opinions. A blocked heart chakra will present heart chakra opening symptoms which can affect a person both physically and emotionally. If your heart chakra has blockages, there are several ways of healing, so that your heart is more open and balanced.
The heart chakra can become blocked from difficult life experiences. A blocked Anahata can manifest as heart chakra opening symptoms, having a long-term effect on us if left untreated.hysically and emotionally.
  • Lack of love and compassion for oneself and others
  • Shyness or social anxiety
  • Difficulty in grounding yourself or meditating
  • Difficulty in relationships
  • Increased suspicion, fear or holding grudges towards other people
  • Overly critical of others and oneself
  • Jealous, possessive or envious

The colour that is associated with the heart chakra is green. Symbolically, this colour represents health, abundance, connection with nature, creativity and harmony. Heart chakra crystals can be used to bring healing and balance, relieving heart chakra opening symptoms and releasing a blocked heart chakra.

Emerald, malachite, jade, peridot and green jasper are the most commonly used heart chakra crystals, gently placed on the area to assist with their powerful healing. The crystals release the blockages and open up the heart chakra so that there is a better energy flow. When the heart chakra is fully open it becomes ‘Mahakaruna’ which is the Buddhist word for ‘our true self’ and a channel for universal compassion.


Following a heart chakra meditation will help to balance and assist with a blocked heart chakra. Regular meditation will give overall healing to chakras and, because the heart chakra is connected to love, you will feel any past hurt emotions dissolve. Once these emotions have melted away, your heart centre will be open to receive love. There are several available heart chakra meditations but put in its simplest form; focus on this area of your body whilst visualising a green flow of energy that is dispersing and flowing through blockages, and opening your heart.

An affirmation that you can use for healing your heart chakra during meditation is:

“Love is the answer to everything.”

“I am an infinite being full of divine love, which I give freely and openly accept from others.”


Past emotional hurts from relationships, whether love relationships, friends or family can result in a blocked heart chakra. Learning heart chakra meditation or finding healing with heart chakra crystals can be beneficial. If you need psychic guidance in love and relationships, speak to the UK’s most compassionate psychics at TheCircle. Know your future in love so that you can focus on moving forward.


PUBLISHED: 1 February 2021



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