Refresh Your Aura

The aura is made up from three layers, 'The Outer Aura', 'The middle Aura' and 'The Inner Aura'. Each layer has its own particular purpose and creates its own colours that we can associate to it. Looking after your 'aura' with good life style choices coupled with a knowledge of how your aura works can be beneficial. Here are a few hints and tips to keep your aura refreshed and ready to face life.

The Outer Aura
This is the protective shell of the body, orange in colour. When this outer layer is diluted or has holes or gaps worn in it, we feel tired and jaded as our energy escapes. This outer aura also can pick up the energy from others. If you work in a large office, or travel on public transport, it is likely that your aura could have other peoples energy attached.
The Middle Aura
Purple in colour, this part of your aura indicates how you are feeling emotionally. Often when your mind is overloaded with problems or situations the 'middle aura' will shift in colour from Lilac to deep violet depending on how high or low your bodies vibration is.
The Inner Aura
The ‘inner aura' is the closest part of the aura to your skin. It is different shades of green depending on your diet and exercise regime. The lighter the green the fewer chemicals are present in your blood stream. Stimulants like caffeine and sugar will show up as dark greens.
How to Refresh your Outer Aura
We must start with the outer aura. By keeping this part of your aura strong and healthy you will feel that the energy you have is always yours. This outer orange layer should be cleansed in body temperature water by bathing at least four times a week. The water cleans and clears any energy that has been attached leaving you feeling light and relaxed.
Treating your Middle Aura
When we are emotionally free from worry or stress it can be like being a different person. As the 'middle aura' is linked to how we are feeling the colours that we wear help tremendously to enhance our moods. So many of us get dressed subconsciously, choosing the clothes we wear depending on our moods. Select light pastel colours such as pinks, sky blue and even yellows to change how we are feeling inside. Even foods can help balance 'the middle aura' like, Blueberries, Oat flakes and Beetroot juice.
Understanding the Inner Aura
“We are what we eat” This quote is very true when it comes to the 'inner aura'. If we are eating and drinking the wrong types of foods it will show up in this part of your aura. Artificial substances like caffeine and sugar will only pick us up for a short time before dropping us down again. Because the inner aura is very sensitive it helps us to drink water, but water that is at body temperature. Infusing mint or green nettle to make a tea helps the body digestion allowing the energy normally taken for this to be released into other areas of your body.

Refreshing your aura and you may find that the law of attraction starts working with you, after all like attracts like. TheCircle psychic Readers can help you find that inner peace you are looking for and start you on the right path to attract what you seek – connect today!


PUBLISHED: 1 February 2021



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