The Empress

The Divine Feminine

The Empress Meaning

The Empress tarot card brings you all the creative, nurturing energy you can handle. It asks you to create your own abundance and to have compassion. It tells you to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh because, when you revel in your feminine vitality, you experience joy and harmony with the world around you. Do not be afraid of luxury or think you don’t deserve it. You absolutely do deserve to be surrounded by the soft assuredness the Empress offers. As the divine mother, the Empress wants you to have all you desire and to not be afraid of your internal feminine power. Regardless of your gender, you have the Empress energy in your life and it wants you to love, value, and mother yourself. This card has the ultimate power of life, death and rebirth. Embrace the divine feminine in your life and plant the seeds of your future.

The Empress in Love
The Empress is love in abundance. In a relationship spread this card would give you all you needed to know about the relationship’s energy. It would be fertile, empowering and nurturing. This energy is for grown-up relationships, bringing a strong level of commitment to each other’s growth, or even literal growth as you add to your family. This card needs you to invest completely in your personal confidence, so that your loving relationships can be a reflection of your best self. You may also enjoy a sexual awakening, as the Empress lights the fire of sensual enjoyment for you.
The Empress in Life
Work: now is the time to embrace your creative side. The Empress is calling you on a path that may seem unusual at first, but that’s okay because the outcome will benefit all and will be full of growth potential. This is also a time to ‘mother’ your colleagues or employees. This time of year can feel a bit of a struggle, so be kind to yourself and others as this carries true power.
Health: the Empress is all about being connected to nature and, if your health is an issue for you at the moment, the old advice to enjoy the elements applies. The Empress knows when to give tough love and wants you to nurture yourself and know when it is time to go to the doctor, dentist or other health professionals so they can care for you. While natural remedies are a great way to connect to Mother Earth, sometimes you need to love yourself all the way to the pharamacy.
The Empress in Shadow
The Empress can be a sign of greed or overindulgence and this card can be a psychic reminder to calm your energy after a period of excess.
  • Did you indulge too much over the holiday period?
  • Have you fallen into a sensual relationship?
  • Is your creativity blocked?
You may be struggling to bring something into being; it could be a creative issue or you may not be expressing yourself confidently. The Empress card can point to us caring too much about how others view us. Don’t hide your creative power through fear. Beware giving too much of yourself to others and tiring yourself out. Keep your boundaries strong with those that view you in a mothering role. Let go of your insecurities and trust yourself, because the Empress wants to give you new life and power.

How Can a Tarot Reading Help Me?

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PUBLISHED: 1 February 2021


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