King And Queen Of Swords

Your journey through the Tarot has now arrived at specifics. Remember that the court cards usually represent actual people in your life. However, the card indicates how they appear, act and influence you, and while this may be an accurate picture of them, it may also not be, for the card doesn’t represent how they are – only how you experience them. A court card may also stand for you, or a part of you, especially if that part is acting subconsciously. This may be how you are coming across to others, even if you are not aware of it. Please note, although the King is usually male and the Queen female, this isn’t always the case in real life, so keep an open mind.



AIR ELEMENT. The suit of Swords refers to the mind, to the Element of Air, to thoughts, communication, words, ideas and reason. The King of Swords is a decision-maker who has used his mental skills to become successful. He weighs up what he says and he has an air of authority and knowledge. He’s a good arbitrator, he can see both sides but when he judges he’s cool and impartial.  


Interested in current affairs, he’s up with the latest trends and gossip and he may be very forward-thinking. Probably he’s had his share of difficulties and he’s won through by getting educated and forming strategies. He’s the eternal student – he never stops learning and he’s always booked in to a course, surfing the Net or reading up on a subject.  


He’ll consider your views, however wacky or unreasonable they may be, but don’t expect him to agree, even though he’s usually very courteous. He will put his point of view persuasively and logically. You can trust him, and his advice is generally reliable.
REVERSED:  He’s ‘always right’ but actually his thinking is confused. He kids himself he’s not prejudiced even though he clearly is, and he rationalises anything he wants. His mental ‘sword’ is used to attack, rather than defend. Don’t confront him unless you must – he’s full of alibis, excuses, manipulation and clever lies.


Make no mistake, he’ll destroy you if he can. He’s vindictive, and he never forgets. He’s capable of plotting, using regulations for his own ends and setting traps. Best to leave him in his cold and bitter isolation, for he’s a deadly enemy that will fight to the death.






She’s proud of her ability to out-think and out-manoeuvre just about anyone.  She champions education, which she knows leads to power and liberty. If you get a compliment from her, treasure it, for she only says what she means. You need a thick skin, because she doesn’t suffer fools gladly. However, she’s like the Goddess of Justice as she goes through life, insisting on fair play and equal opportunity.


Never try to restrict her or tie her down. She can spot hidden agendas at a hundred paces, but she’ll get behind you if your cause is genuine, and then she’s a formidable friend.


She has many interests, many friends, and she feeds her open mind with as much new information as she can get hold of. She’s able to analyse a person or situation and come up with original solutions. She champions good causes, and she thinks laterally – a true ideas girl.


REVERSED:Never tell her your secrets – she may promise to keep them but soon you’ll find the whole neighbourhood knows. She’s always up with the latest goss, and she can be spiteful – she likes to be ‘one up’. Even if she keeps your confidence, don’t be deceived. She’s storing it up in case she needs to use it against you.


She spends a lot of time brooding about the past, and eventually she’ll get her own back. She’s strident and dogmatic in her views – best agree with her because she’s not interested in what you think, and if you argue with her, watch out because she’ll take it personally. She’s a bit like a spider, spinning her web into all sorts of hidden places – don’t get caught in it. 


Can you think of anyone who is like these two cards, both in positive and negative expression? What effect do they have on your life? How can you deal with them better? And have you ever acted like one of the cards – again as positive and negative? How did this feel? Are there energies here that you could benefit from/use productively? And is there a behavior that you can recognise as being destructive, and change?
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