The Moon

Embrace Your Shadow

The Moon Meaning

The Moon is a tarot card that speaks to us about our dual natures - how we are both sides of the same coin - and reminds us that our shadow self is an important part of our development. The Moon brings us mystery by shining a light on the unknown parts of our self. This can bring up our fears and insecurities but it is not something to be afraid of or shy away from. It is showing us our whole self so we can be free from the things that would hold us back.

The Moon in Love

When the Moon shows up in a relationship spread it can mean that communication is failing and that you can feel on opposite sides. Relationship insecurities are causing these troubles and this card is saying use the light of the Moon to reflect on, and heal, relationship anxieties to strengthen your bond.

If the relationship is new, pay attention to your intuition and take it slowly so you can really get to know this person. Make sure you have good foundations and know the person well before you try to build something, because this person could be carrying some baggage.

The Moon in Life

Work: you may be feeling unsure in your work life at the moment. It could be that you are feeling like you want a change or that your work situation is feeling a little hostile. You may be feeling undervalued. It is okay to be wary and to take time to think things through. The Moon has come up to let you know that your intuition will help you make the right choices and bring you to a place of comfort. Trust yourself.

Health and spirituality: it is really important that you are taking care of yourself mentally and physically when the Moon card is involved in health. Don’t let niggles or concerns weigh you down. Go to the doctor or speak to a pharmacist; make sure your voice is being heard and don’t allow yourself to be placated. Go and get that clean bill of physical health so your anxieties don’t affect your mental well-being.

Spiritually the Moon wants you to really delve deep and use your intuition. It wants you to address the mysteries in your life, so don’t be afraid to ask questions and look for the answers wherever you can find them. Embrace the unknown and relish the spiritual opportunities that are going to arise from opening yourself up to positive change.

The Moon in Shadow

The Moon has some psychic questions for you:

  • Are you afraid to look at the shadow side of yourself?
  • Are you open and ready to change your life by addressing your insecurities and fears?
  • Are you prepared to embark on a life-long journey?

The Moon offers us an opportunity to face our fear, pain and trauma. It asks us to be brave and bold in embracing our past so it cannot have a hold on our future. This can be hard work that can last a life time, but each new thing learned brings more joy to our lives. Use this energy and do not let the work scare you. If you ignore your shadow-self, you ignore part of your nature and that keeps you in a place of fear. You deserve freedom: make it happen.

How Can a Tarot Reading Help Me?

To find out what the Moon’s energy means for you, call one of our psychic tarot readers with the experience to guide you.



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